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Local election candidate Patrick Feeney - one man with (literally) one vote in Galway City Central

Galway local election candidate Patrick Feeney has won just one vote in the local election vote in Galway City Central.

Mr Feeney also ran for election in two other wards - Galway City West, where he gained 15 first preference votes (so a total of 16 in the city area, with one transfer vote in each ward bringing him to 18 votes), and in Connemara South, where he gained an additional 32 votes.

The former Aer Lingus worker and Independent candidate ran on a platform that included the publication of a number of health reports, improvements to local bus services and bus shelters, and the development of a light rail system in Galway.

His platform does not seem to have captured the imagination of the electorate however.

Mr Feeney previously contested the 2016 general election in Galway West, where he won 22 first preference votes. That outing was his first time running for an election.

Last year, he sought addition to the Presidential ballot via nomination by local authorities, saying he "hoped to be a break from the status quo", but did not secure the required backing.

Patrick Feeney, pictured last year. Picture: AP
Patrick Feeney, pictured last year. Picture: AP

This article was updated on May 28 to include details of Mr Feeney's performance in the two other wards in which he ran in the local elections - Galway City West and Connemara South.

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