Richard Pryor's daughter attacks stepmother

Richard Pryor's daughter Rain has slammed her stepmother, Jennifer Lee Pryor - accusing her of failing to adequately care for the ailing comedian.

Rain says her father, who has suffered from multiple sclerosis since 1986 and can no longer speak, doesn't feel sorry for himself, but "feels sorry" for particular choices "in terms of the people he's put in his life".

She tells Steppin' Out magazine: "There are medications that could help my dad but there's someone in his life controlling whether or not he takes those medications."

When asked if she means Jennifer Lee, she responds, "I guess you could say that.

"Put it this way, if you're a women who this man used to beat up for years and years and years then all of a sudden, when he's at his sickest, sickest moment she marries him. Why? What's the motive?

"And now her name is on everything that has his name attached to it.

"A long time ago he made the unfortunate choice to invite this woman back into his life with the belief that this woman was really going to help him."

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