Lisa McInerney shares £10k literary prize for Cork novel with British writer

Galway-born writer Lisa McInerney has been awarded a literary prize for her second novel, Cork-set 'The Blood Miracles'.

The Royal Society of Literature presented the Encore Reward to Ms McInerney and British writer Andrew Michael Hurley.

Lisa McInerney

Ms McInerney says she was "pleased and grateful" to be recognised by the society.

"It’s such a boost to be recognised with an Encore Award," she said.

Writing a second novel is made so much more intense by the worry that the first was the proverbial lightning captured in a bottle; the Encore provides an emphatic reiteration of welcome, so I’m very pleased and grateful.

Mr Hurley was honoured for his second novel 'Devil's Day', and he echoed Ms McInerney's view of the 'second novel'.

"In many ways, a second novel is a much greater challenge for a writer than the first, so I’m pleased that Devil’s Day has struck a chord with readers," he said.

Both novels both were edited by Mark Richards and published by John Murray.

The pair will share a £10,000 award.

"Prize juries are reluctant to split awards - probably because it looks either as though they can’t make up their minds, or that there was deadlock," said chair of judges Alex Clark.

"Happily, neither occurred in this case: we simply couldn’t put a cigarette paper between these two splendid novels and wanted to acknowledge and reward them both.

"But we’d also like to make absolutely clear that our decision doesn’t diminish the rest of what was a brilliant shortlist - each author more than earned their place and we’d like to congratulate all of them heartily.

Third novels all round, please.

Lisa McInerney’s debut novel, 'The Glorious Heresies', won the 2016 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction and the 2016 Desmond Elliott Prize.

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