A new species of fish has been named after Enya

A new species of fish has been named after the Irish singer Enya - as you do.

The discovery has been named leporinus enyae, which means 'beautiful little fish'.

Oregon State University

Scientists from Oregon State University in the states discovered the fish in the Orinoco River.

In a statement to their website, researchers said they were big fans of Enya, and acknowledged her 1998 hit song 'Orinoco Flow'.

To this day the singer is still Ireland’s biggest selling solo artist, with 80 million albums sold worldwide.

Project leader Michael Burns said, “Whenever we were in the lab at Oregon State working on the fishes, Ben Frable would always play 'Orinoco Flow”

Co-author Marcus Chatfield added that he heard the song so often in the lab it got stuck in his head.

"Then I just started listening to it on purpose when I was taking measurements of the specimens. When the time came around for choosing names, it just felt right to name this new beautiful fish from the Orinoco after the artist who wrote that beautiful song."

Well, if you haven't gotten a fish named after you, are you even famous?

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