Settlements totalling €13m revealed in latest Revenue tax defaulters list

The latest list of tax defaulters published by Revenue provides details of 65 taxpayers who have made settlements totalling almost €13m.

Revenue has published the list of tax defaulters up to September 30, 2018.

The list published in Iris Oifigiúil, is in two parts:

Part 1 deals with persons in whose case the Court has determined a penalty relating to a settlement, or has imposed a fine, imprisonment or another penalty in respect of a tax or duty offence.

Part 2 is that of persons in whose case Revenue has accepted a settlement offer instead of initiating court proceedings or a settlement has been paid in full.

The list reflects the amount of a settlement that remained unpaid at the end of the September 30, 2018 period.

Part 1: Court Determinations

Court Determination of Penalty:

Subject to certain criteria, in settlement cases where a person does not agree liability to a penalty, or fails to pay an agreed penalty, the Court determines the penalty.

Details are published when the Court determined penalty exceeds 15% of the total tax and the total of the tax, interest and penalty is more than €35,000 and a qualifying disclosure has not been made:

Such cases are published and €20,051.69 is the total amount of the Court determined penalties.

Court imposed fine, imprisonment or other penalty:

Details are published when a fine or other Court penalty is imposed in respect of tax or duty offences. Court penalties may include imprisonment, partly suspended or suspended sentences, community service in lieu of imprisonment, and closure orders.

148 such cases are published and €380,703 is the total of court fines imposed.

These cases include:

  • 83 cases of failure to file a tax return, delivery of an incorrect tax return or delivery of an incorrect statement of affairs. Court fines of up to €15,000 and a 16 month custodial sentence were imposed;
  • 28 cases of misuse of marked mineral oil, in respect of which Court fines of between €5,000 and €2,500 were imposed;
  • 36 cases of excise and licencing offences including smuggling of tobacco products, illegal selling of cigarettes, failure to hold a current liquor licence and possession of untaxed alcohol for sale and possession of an unregistered vehicle. Court fines of up to €3,500 were imposed;
  • 1 case of obstruction of a Revenue officer in respect of which the court imposed a fine of €2,500;

See the full list of court determinations here.

Part 2: Settlements

Settlements are published when the extensive voluntary disclosure options are not availed of and the default arises as a result of careless or deliberate behaviour:

  • 65 cases are published today and €12,950,935.75 is the total settlement amount in these cases;
  • 25 cases were for amounts exceeding €100,000 - 5 of which exceeded €500,000 and 2 of which exceeded €1m;
  • 18 are cases in which the settlement was not fully paid as at 30 September 2018;
  • €3,404,274.29 was the amount unpaid as at 30 September 2018.

See the full list of settlements here.

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