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Kerry towns head list of settlements

KILLARNEY and Tralee have more tax defaulters than any other towns in Ireland named and shamed by the taxman over the past nine years.

An analysis of the 4,961 cases published by the Revenue Commissioners, over the nine-year period from the fourth quarter of 2001 to the third quarter of this year shows that 111 came from Killarney and 86 from Tralee more that any other two towns in the country.

Only one city, Cork with 132 named defaulters, had more people named and shamed than Kerry’s two biggest towns.

Killarney and Tralee individually had more people named and shamed than all of Sligo where 85 people had their names published by the Revenue.

One city, Sligo, did not make it into the list of the top 30 urban centres with the most named and shamed tax defaulters.

Limerick with 49 named and shamed defaulters was the city with the second highest number of tax defaulters, followed by Kilkenny and Waterford with 31 each.

County towns such as Tralee, 86, Dundalk, 73, Navan, 50, and Clonmel, 49, had more tax defaulters than three of the country’s cities and all of Counties Carlow, 48, or Leitrim, 38.

As one would expect, the biggest haul in cash terms came from Dublin and Cork, with Dublin defaulters who were named and shamed paying up €243,872,579 in unpaid tax, penalties and fines while Cork defaulters returned €79,217,959 to the Revenue Commissioners.

Galway defaulters, 291, coughed up €52,971,663, more than Kerry’s €50,769,147 (403).