Marjorie Cullen uses reflexology to treat babies for conditions including colic, reflux and colds.

What’s the alternative to help unwell babies?

There’s a growing range of natural support services to help babies with everything from colic to sleeping difficulties, writes Georgina O’Halloran.

Separate paths: Just because two children are born together doesn't mean they'll develop at the same pace.

Twins should be treated as individuals

It’s important to treat twins as individuals and not as a set,writes Helen O’Callaghan.


Online and in the shops for Easter

* Choc delight
There will be lots of egg hunts and other events this weekend and if you are in Kerry, why not take a trip to the Skelligs Chocolate Experience?

Doling out pocket money isn't obligatory and parents should do what works best for them

Show me the money: How much pocket money is enough?

Should you give your children pocket money and if so how much? Experts give their views on the pros and cons of financing your teenager.

Risk alert: It's important to tell your child it's OK to say no.

Better safe than sorry when it comes to ‘stranger danger’

PARENTS want to protect children from abuse, but are often uncomfortable having the necessary conversations.


Online and in the shops: The Power Rangers

The Power Rangers make their Irish debut today, visiting children at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, before embarking on a free live tour of Smyth’s stores during the Easter holidays.

Book aids: Valerie Sheehan with her self-published range of children's books, featuring Tony the turtle and his family.

Helping autistic children with story books

AS a home tutor to children with autism, Valerie Sheehan saw first hand the stress of coping with a diagnosis — for the parent and the child.

She wanted to do something to help.

Amazing grace: Pictured is Amy Kavanagh with baby Grace with Ireland Rugby star Conor Murray.

Great Irish Bake to help fund incubators for sick babies

FIRST-TIME mum Amy Kavanagh knows better than most what it will mean for Temple Street Children’s Hospital to get three new incubators. This story is enriched with multi-media content


Online and in the shops: Delightful toys

Fans of Henry Hugglemonster on Disney Junior will be delighted with his new range of super soft toys, all suitable from birth.

It's like a death, it's the death of your relationship, it's the death of a life you had

Healing the heartbreak of divorce

The end of a marriage can come as a huge shock, resulting in its own grieving process but there is help available, says Catherine Shanahan.

Written off: It's crucial to a child's progress to find out why they are not listening at school.

Children who don't listen don't learn in school

FOR parents, it’s a worry if their child isn’t listening at school.


Mother's Day gift ideas online and in the shops

Bracelet thanks: Made in America from recycled materials Alex and Ani bracelets are designed to as keepsakes for the special people in your life.

Natural way: Naturopath Michael Lawlor with kids Noah, Ellie-May and Isabel, believes with a little basic knowledge parents can deal with children's minor ailments.

Simply using nature’s cure

His daughter’s illness prompted Michael Lawlor to change his career and in the process, to improve her health.

Positive attention: When a child reverts to using simple language, it's best not to focus on it.

What to do if your child regresses to baby talk

Regression in the form of baby talk can happen during times of change, says Helen O’Callaghan. This story is enriched with multi-media content


Online and in the shops: Keep safe

Collect precious memories of your children as they grow with the ClevaMemories Keepsake Suitcase from Clevamama, €29.99.

Care free: Claire McGee, from Duncormick, Co Wexford, who suffers from congenital alopecia, enjoys the benefits from wearing a Freedom wig.

The Rapunzel Foundation: raising funds for alopecia sufferers

Claire McGee loves her very long, richly-coloured brown hair.

Tuning in: Parent's need to listen to their child's story and keep communication open.

Clampdown on bullying

NEW anti-bullying procedures were introduced at primary and post-primary level last September and schools have until next term to develop an anti-bullying policy in line with these procedures.


Online and in the shops: Free meals

Free meals — vegetarian curry — will be provided at Grand Parade, Cork, from 1pm tomorrow, as part of the Feed the City initiative.

Birth place: The scene on 68th street as Polly McCourt gives birth unexpectedly to her baby girl, Isabelle.

2% of mothers give birth suddenly

Is there anything more dramatic than a sudden birth? Following last week’s New York story Arlene Harris looks at ‘precipitous birth’ and talks to a woman who had a swift labour.

Baby blues: Three in five mothers say they went back to work too early.

Work guilt for new mothers

THREE in five mums regret returning to work so early after childbirth, while 80% feel guilty about going back to work at all, say new studies.


Online and in the shops: Bargain pricing

Aldi is entering the Communion wear market, with dresses from €24.99.


Pros and cons of an older Dad

Older fathers are calmer and wiser, but can be less energetic.


Fat chance: Study shows obese children more disease prone

By the time a child is six his immune system has been compromised by obesity.


Online and in the shops: Baby photos

Panasonic’s latest HD camcorder range includes a new baby monitor.

Anything left to the discretion of individual judges could result in a lot of parents being subjected to rather draconian penalties.

Will a ban on slapping children leave parents legally exposed?

A BAN on the slapping of children could result in ‘draconian penalties’ for parents, because some judges could impose the law with more rigour than others, a family law specialist has warned.


Exploring the stigma of male infertility

The issue of male infertility can leave men floundering and uncommunicative but taking a medical and holistic approach can have astonishing results.

Supportive ear: make it clear you are there to listen, but tease out the tale-telling to find the truth behind the story.

Telling tales: what your child is really saying

Tale-telling needs to be handled carefully especially if its root is rivalry.


Online and in the shops: Cleva clogs

When Peaches Geldof tweeted that the ClevaFeed was son Astala’s “new fave thing“, it soon became one of Irish company Clevamama’s top sellers.

High notes: Singing and listening to music all help to train a child's brain to work better.

Music training raises a child’s IQ

FROM the moment they’re born – in fact, probably even before that — children love music.


How to control your child’s usage of the internet

IF you don’t want your children to spend the mid-term break on their smartphones or iPads, you’d better get organised.

Real fighter: James Mohan with his mother Brenda. James will need a heart transplant in future.

Help pump life into campaign

A fundraising drive aims to support kids with heart defects writes Helen O’Callaghan.


Online and in the shops: Irish designers

The Kilkenny Shop is home to Ireland’s largest collection of Irish designers, with a range of quirky keepsakes and quality designs, perfect for last-minute present-hunting.

Moving on: Whether putting on socks or tidying up, kids aged three to seven struggle to transition to new tasks.

How to win the waiting game

Younger children just don’t understand why they need to hurry, says Helen O’Callaghan.


Online and in the shops: Engineer your life

Engineers Week 2014 begins this Sunday, February 9, with engineering-related events around the country.

Ready and waiting: Mum-to-be Maura Derrane, at 43, has joined the ranks of celebs becoming pregnant at an older age.

More women are choosing to have children in later life

MAURA DERRANE is in good company. At 43, the RTÉ presenter is pregnant with her first child.


A mother’s love for her baby may be based on smell

BEING kept awake night-after -night, tending to a new infant, can be exhausting.

Good grief: Children need to experience the ritual surrounding death of someone close.

Unhealthy to bury feelings

Children need to go to funerals, says Helen O’Callaghan.


Online and in the shops: Home and dry

Coughs, colds and irritated skin in teething babies are often the result of damp chests caused by drool soaking through bibs and clothing.


Teens are all the rage

Strong emotions can sometime tip over into violence towards parents, who need to stand firm and stay calm, says Helen O’Callaghan.

Under pressure: Changing nappies can put pressure on the spine, leading to sudden onset of back pain.

Handle with care

Lifting or restraining babies and toddlers can result in injury, writes Helen O’Callaghan.


Online and in the shops: Free demo

As part of the First 1,000 days movement, celebrity chef Neven Maguire, right, will team up with Danone Early Life Nutrition to host a free cookery demonstration in Cork on Wednesday, Feb 5.

That's entertainment: Parents are buying technological gadgets for their children without considering the implications.

Mealtimes should be free of gadgetry

We should be wary of how our children use tablets and other devices — especially at mealtimes, writes Áilín Quinlan.

Heart to heart: Be open with your child about why they are unsettled in class.

Listen and learn from your child

It’s better to talk gently to kids about why they are unhappy at school, says Helen O’Callaghan.


Online and in the shops: Fruitful exercise

If your family’s New Year healthy resolutions are already floundering, a new range of kids vitamins from Higher Nature might have a solution.

Cailan Harris and his mother, Arlene, with the Anapen adrenaline shot that can save his life.

The wrong food might kill my son

AS the mother of a teenager who has the allergy reaction, anaphylaxis, I was shocked by the tragic story of Emma Sloan, who died on the street in Dublin after a Christmas meal with her family.

A loud noise can upset children so adopt the right response to reassure them.

Loud noises not child’s play

Hoovers and animals sounds can cause distress to your child, writes Helen O’Callaghan.


Online and in the shops: An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

Colonel Chris Hadfield will be making a special appearance at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition tomorrow to sign copies of his new book, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth.

Learning fast: Asthma sufferer Ciara Gimblett, a pupil at the Kinsale Community School, Kinsale, Co Cork, took part in an e-learning programme on the condition.

Breath of fresh air for asthmatic teens

An e-learning programme aims to dispel concerns about asthma revealed in a survey, reports Áilín Quinlan.


Online and in the shops: Settle the stomach

Queasy travellers: It’s lovely to visit family and friends during the holidays, but up to 19% of us can feel queasy when travelling in a bus or car.


Meditations on pregnancy

EAST Cork mum of two Yvonne Brewer admits she was always nervous about childbirth.


When wishes do come true

SHE has always wanted to meet a princess and last September, Mairéad Sparkes’s dream came true.

Spiced up: This colour block maternity dress in cherry spice will give any woman a festive lift — it's made of heavy viscose jersey and skims bust, bump and curves without clinging, €120,

Getting over the Christmas bump

Eating well and choosing the right party dress will keep mums-to-be sparkling over the festive season, says Kate O’Reilly.

Fresh to go: Boost your skin by adding essential fats to your diet and upping intake of fruits and vegetables.

Glow from inside out

YOU’VE heard about that pregnancy glow but instead you have an upset tummy, acne for the first time in years and your favourite moisturiser makes your skin itch.

Magic moments: Traditions of festive period are often more important than the gifts.

Make your own memories

It’s the annual rituals that make Christmas special for children, writes Helen O’Callaghan.


Online and in the shops: Dollhouse special

Looking for that dollhouse from The Late Late Toy Show? It was the Kidcraft Magnolia Mansion, €179.99, supplied by Mimitoys.


Books for children and toddlers get better and better

Presented with child-friendly characters, heartwarming stories, superb art and laugh-aloud fun, this Christmas kaleidoscope of books will be cherished and read again and again.

Burning up: At this time of year, high temperatures are common among children.

Kids with high temperatures need to be closely monitored

MORE than one in 10 Irish parents are unsure what to do if their child has a fever and 60% panic when a child’s temperature is high, according to a new survey conducted among 300 parents of under sixes for the medicine brand Nurofen For Children.


Online and in the shops: Personal touch

Busy mums are spending more time shopping online and if you would like to pop a gift card into your a Christmas stocking, add a personal touch with ‘Personalise my Card’.

Children are so skilled and creative from birth.

When learning is music to their ears

The lullaby-like songs in the CD I Am a Little Boat mimic the moods and feelings of children aged up to three years, says Helen O’Callaghan.

Play it by ear: A child's maturity in being able to manage an earring and infection is a factor in getting ears pierced.

Too young for an ear piercing?

Helen O’Callaghan hears two sides of the argument on earrings for young girls.


Online and in the shops: Toy appeal

Barnardos has joined GLS Parcel Shops for their fourth annual Christmas toy appeal.