The Joanne Hayes tapes — a young woman put on trial

Joyce Fegan outlines the timeline of events that led to the Kerry Babies tribunal, which ultimately turned into the trial of Joanne Hayes, who was crosss-examined for five days at the hearing. Below are excerpts from the proceedings.



Felix Jones - Freeing and firing the Munster attack

Just 27 months after his playing career was cut short, Felix Jones is developing quite the reputation as an innovative attack coach. Speculation of offers abound but Jones is keen to deflect the limelight and focus on adding more strings to Munster’s bow.



The menu: Food news with Joe McNamee

If the novelty of the New Year’s hairshirt is wearing thin or if you simply took some time to recover from the recent festive excesses, then there a pair of events perfectly timed to ease a body back into the swing of things once more.