A new policy? - Crackdown on Jewish extremists

ISRAEL’S government has never been shy about confronting critics. 


White House race has lost all credibility - American presidential race

EVEN if you leave aside the absurd fact that an American presidential race where the two frontrunners — Jeb Bush and Hilary Clinton — represent long-tailed dynasties that have already had their feet under the Oval Office table for two decades, the tremendous sums committed to succeeding President Barack Obama hardly show democracy, or at least American democracy, in an inspiring or reassuring light.


Local voices that can’t be ignored - Proposed amalgamation

THE Cork Local Government Review Group has, since January, been preparing a report for Environment Minister Alan Kelly about the possibility of merging Cork city and county councils to establish a single authority to manage the region.`

Cork's Heritage Open Day

Little more than lip-service - Funding watchdog agencies

THE Heritage Council report for 2014, which will be published shortly, once again highlights one of our least attractive and self-deluding characteristics — paying nothing more than lip service to doing the right thing while not enforcing laws designed to protect and benefit everyone.