Cork's Heritage Open Day

Little more than lip-service - Funding watchdog agencies

THE Heritage Council report for 2014, which will be published shortly, once again highlights one of our least attractive and self-deluding characteristics — paying nothing more than lip service to doing the right thing while not enforcing laws designed to protect and benefit everyone.

Migrants in Calais

Inaction will not resolve this dilemma - Immigration crisis

ALL around Europe nasty, hateful little political parties and social movements are getting traction on the issue of immigration because mainstream politicians, and socially liberal societies too, are unsure of how to deal with the escalating, ever-more pressing question, one that seems set to become the challenge of our age. 


True grit wins - Special Olympics

THERE are few things as inspiring, as uplifting as the sight of an indomitable human spirit defying the odds to realise a long-held dream.


Heed the warning on stronger sentencing

PEOPLE normally go to the local pub for a pint or two, a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee.