Setback for last pockets of resistance to CAP reform.

Historic two year CAP reform nears the end line

The way was cleared last week for member states to introduce detailed CAP reform rules at national level.


€5m per year forecast for heifer rearers

Contract rearers of dairy replacement heifers are on course to earn about €5 million per year, according to Teagasc estimates.

Dairy farming in Gippsland, Victoria offers a return on investment of up to 16% per year, according to Aquila Capital.

Investors promised up to 16% from dairy farming

A German-based company which manages assets of more than €7bn predicts that the gap between global supply and demand for dairy products could widen to 5bn litres by 2020, and says investors can get a return as high as 16% per year from dairy farming.

Licensing introduced for seaweed cutters.

Seaweed cutters unite to keep foreshore access

Seaweed cutters on the west coast have united to maintain their traditional access to the bounty of the sea.


Course will cover all aspects of butchery from rearing to serving

Farmers and food lovers can learn about cuts of beef, including lesser known cuts and novel techniques, at a butchery course being hosted by Chapel Steps restaurant on May 13, in Bandon, Co Cork.

Donal McLoughlin, Ballinamuck, County Longford.

CAP reform threatens future for this promising recruit

Stephen Cadogan talks to Longford farmer Donal McLoughlin who may opt for non-farming career.


Marts chairman urges North and South to join forces for beef sector

Ireland should join with the North to create an all-island area of protected geographical indication for Irish beef, said Michael Spellman, chairman of ICOS’s national marts committee.


Greenhouse gas analysis in Ireland leads to conundrum

There’s an Irish paradox when it comes to agriculture and greenhouses gases, according to Dr Rogier Schulte of Teagasc.


Suckler farmers urged to use ICBF AI bulls

Suckler farmers are being asked to use ICBF’s Gene Ireland AI bulls in their herds so that a full progeny test can be carried out on them.

Little Bo Beep, Emma Shaw of Ferns, Co Wexford, Margaret Jeffares, Good Food Ireland, and George Graham, host chairman Golden Shears Ireland.

Tenfold dividend promised from world sheep shearing staging

The economy will enjoy a tenfold benefit from funds invested in next month’s Golden Shears World Sheep Shearing & Wool Handling Championships, say the event’s organisers.