The Eiffel Tower closed to the public for most of the day as workers protested over a rise in aggressive pickpockets around the Paris landmark.


Clarkson insists he has ‘no idea’ what future holds

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has insisted he has “absolutely no idea” what his future holds — but he is “not going to be a milkman”.


Letterman signs off after 33 years

David Letterman has been ushered into retirement by four US presidents declaring “our long national nightmare is over” and a succession of stars delivering a final top 10 list of things they always wanted to say to the late-night TV host.


Genetic study maps out prostate cancer hope

A landmark genetic study described as the ‘Rosetta stone’ of prostate cancer has opened up a new era of hope for men with advanced forms of the disease.


Obvs, new Scrabble word list should provide some lolz

ENGLAND: Lolz, shizzle, and cakehole are among 6,500 words added to the existing quarter of a million in the latest Collins Scrabble word list.

Paul Gascoigne: Awarded morethan £188k at the High Court.

Mirror group pays out over €1.4m to hacking victims

Over £1m (€1.4m) in damages has been awarded to stars including Paul Gascoigne and Sadie Frost over phone hacking by Mirror Group Newspapers.


Amnesty: Qatar failing to deliver on labour reforms

Qatar is failing to deliver on reforms for its migrant workers a year after the wealthy Gulf nation announced plans to improve conditions for low-paid labourers building its highways, hotels, stadiums and skyscrapers, Amnesty International has said.


Cameron: Migrants on welfare a red line

British prime minister David Cameron said restricting EU migrant access to Britain’s welfare system was a red line in his negotiations with the bloc, ahead of an EU summit he wants to use to launch informal talks on the issue.


NFL star Rice avoids domestic violence trial

Domestic violence charges against Ray Rice were dismissed after the former National Football League running back completed a pretrial intervention programme, New Jersey prosecutors said.


Papal official denies abuse victim bribe claim

Pope Francis’s finance minister has denied an allegation that he offered a bribe to a victim of clergy abuse to protect a paedophile priest.


US action in doubt as IS tightens grip on city

Islamic State fighters tightened their grip on the historic city of Palmyra in Syria, days after capturing a provincial capital in neighbouring Iraq, hinting at the momentum of the group, which a monitor says holds half of Syrian territory.