The distraught family of a young British woman brutally murdered along with a man in Thailand have arrived in the country, as police revealed DNA found on her body did not match any of their suspects.


Alex Salmond: No voters were a whisker ahead in the polls. Picture: PA

United Kingdom holds breath on divided Scotland

On the eve of Scotland’s independence referendum, the fate of the United Kingdom rests on hundreds of thousands of wavering Scottish voters, as opinion polls showed supporters of the 307-year union just a whisker ahead of secessionists.

Joan Rivers: An unauthorised procedure on comedienne's throat caused her to stop breathing. Picture: AP

Rivers’ doctor took selfie during throat procedure

Joan Rivers’ doctor took a selfie while performing an unauthorised procedure on the comedienne’s throat that caused her to stop breathing, according to reports.


Depardieu: I drink up to 14 bottles of wine a day

French movie star Gerard Depardieu has revealed he can drink up to 14 bottles of wine a day — and shot two lions while on holiday in Africa.


Obama reaffirms opposition to US combat in Iraq

US President Barack Obama has reaffirmed that he does not intend to send US troops into combat against the Islamic State group, despite doubts about the ability of Iraqi forces, Kurdish fighters, and Syrian rebels to carry out the ground fight on their own.


Russian tycoon’s arrest re-ignites fears of a ‘second Yukos’

The arrest of a Russian telecoms and oil tycoon has sent shockwaves through the country’s business community, with some fearing a return to the dark days of a decade ago, when the Kremlin asserted its power by imprisoning the country’s then-richest man and expropriating his companies.

Briton David Miller, aged 24, from Jersey, was found dead on a Koh Tao beach on Monday. Picture: PA

Brits questioned over backpacker deaths in Thailand

Two British brothers have been questioned by police investigating the brutal murders of two Britons in Thailand.


Quirky World ... Career change isn’t just a pipe dream

ENGLAND: David Leeman is an Englishman with half an eye on the Scottish referendum as he has just set himself up as a traditional piper.


Alexander Armstrong lands starring role in Danger Mouse

Pointless host Alexander Armstrong has landed the starring role for the return of much-loved cartoon character Danger Mouse.


Volunteer gets ebola vaccine

A healthy Briton yesterday became the first volunteer to receive a potentially life-saving new vaccine to tackle the ebola virus spreading through West Africa.


Ford tumour ‘malignant’

The tumour in Rob Ford’s abdomen, the discovery of which led the mayor of Toronto to drop out of the election last week, is both malignant and rare, medical authorities said.


Preacher probe after disaster

A Nigerian televangelist whose exuberant followers across Africa and beyond believe he has powers of healing and prophesy is now under scrutiny after one of his buildings collapsed, killing at least 70 people.

Businessman Jon Gamble near Dunblane, Scotland, ahead of voting in the Scottish referendum today.

Scots go to the polls as historic day dawns

Scotland is poised to make history today with a momentous vote on independence as No campaigners warned it was on the verge of falling through an economic trap door, while Yes activists insisted it was on the brink of rising to nationhood.