An online video is purporting to show Islamic State group militants beheading Japanese journalist Kenji Goto.


Alan Barnfield, who was jailed for four years after he was cleared of having sex with a Shetland pony, but convicted of outraging public decency.

Shetland pony sex case man jailed

A factory worker has been jailed for four years after he was cleared of having sex with a Shetland pony but convicted of outraging public decency.


South Africa death squad leader to be freed

Apartheid death-squad leader Eugene de Kock, dubbed ‘Prime Evil’ for his role in the torture and murder of scores of black South African activists in the 1980s and early 1990s, was granted parole after more than 20 years in prison.


Mugging victim fund hits £34k in one day

Donations for a 4ft 6in frail and visually impaired British pensioner who was mugged outside his home have reached more than £34,000 (€45,000).


Load of hot air by Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has been ridiculed by doctors after her latest dose of advice for women — steam your vaginas in order to deliver an energy boost and powerful internal cleanse.

Former US secretary of state George Shultz pushes away protesters shouting for Henry Kissinger's arrest as he looks on. Picture: Getty

McCain labels Kissinger protesters ‘low-life scum’

US senator John McCain had a blunt message for demonstrators chanting for the arrest of Henry Kissinger at a Senate Armed Forces Committee hearing: “Get out of here, you low-life scum.”


Germany rejects hopes of Greek debt cut

Germany has rejected any suggestion that Greece should be forgiven part or all of the debt it owes to international lenders.


Seven-second delay cost man share of €19m lottery jackpot

A Canadian man who was denied part of a C$27m (€19m) jackpot because he missed the deadline to buy the ticket by seven seconds has lost his appeal to get the money.


IS extremists ‘have failed with women’ says Johnson

Boris Johnson has branded religious extremists lured by organisations such as Islamic State (IS) as “wankers” who are obsessed with pornography.


Church warns against law change on use of triple DNA

A leading Church of England figure has said changing the law to allow IVF babies to be born with DNA from three different people would not be “responsible”, according to reports.