The UK's European Commissioner has announced he will stand down from his post in the wake of Thursday's referendum vote to leave the EU.


Brexit Q&A: Britain’s EU divorce likely to be acrimonious

Britain’s decision to separate from the EU is unlikely to lead to a quick divorce. The battle over who gets what is likely to be acrimonious. 


Brexit: Sombre mood in Brussels as reality starts to sink in

The mood in Brussels was sombre yesterday after the UK’s shock decision to quit the EU. The heads of the bloc’s three institutions made a show of unity and begged for calm as they geared up for what is likely to be a drawn-out divorce settlement.


Donald Trump hails Brexit vote in Scotland visit

Donald Trump, in a visit to Scotland, hailed Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, drawing parallels to the anger driving his own presidential campaign.


Brexit: Scotland independence referendum ‘highly likely’

A second Scottish independence referendum is highly likely and should take place before Britain leaves the EU, says first minister Nicola Sturgeon said.


Boris Johnson hails David Cameron as ‘brave and principled’

David Cameron has been hailed as a “brave and principled man” by Boris Johnson, after he announced he will quit as prime minister in the wake of his defeat in the referendum on British membership of the European Union.


Brexit: Vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn leadership

Labour MPs have submitted a no-confidence motion in leader Jeremy Corbyn, calling on him to “do the decent thing” and stand down.


Brexit: How immigration is approached likely to be fraught

Immigration dominated much of the referendum campaign and now attention turns to the question of how a post-Brexit system will work.


QUIRKY WORLD ... Hey... I got you babe. Cher helps out a lonely elephant

PAKISTAN: The plight of a lonely elephant in a Pakistani zoo has inspired help from pop icon Cher.