Google vows to change advertising policy following backlash from major brands

Google has announced it will change its advertising policies after several major brands pulled ads from the platform because they appeared alongside offensive content, such as videos promoting terrorism or anti-Semitism.


Montblanc, Tag Heuer and Tissot to expand smartwatch offerings

Swiss watchmakers are diving further into the unproven smartwatch market with Montblanc, Tag Heuer and Tissot seeking to attract younger shoppers.


Samsung’s new S8 eyes facial software for payments

Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy S8 will employ facial-recognition technology for mobile payments within months of release, adding cutting-edge security to help the marquee device stand out from rivals such as Apple’s iPhone, sources said.


GAMETECH: Armies using video games to prepare for real-life battlefields

“WAR isn’t about racking up a kill count, it’s about surviving with your soul intact.” So says Ryan Placchetti, lead writer on the gaming adaptation of Apocalypse Now. Placchetti is better-placed than most to comment — he served with the US army on a tour of Iraq in 2005.

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