Change colour of car at touch of a button

IN TECHNOLOGY that looks like it could have come straight from a James Bond movie, Nissan is exploring a new system that it promises will allow motorists to change the colour of their car by flipping a switch.

It appears to offer the perfect solution for buyers who can’t decide which colour car to choose: You can have them all.

The hi-tech chameleon-inspired ‘paramagnetic’ paint can change shade at the flick of a switch — and has the ability to reproduce any hue visible to the human eye.

Before the vehicle is painted, the metal body is covered with iron oxide particles. When an electric current is applied, the spacing between these tiny crystals is altered. This miniature movement affects the way the paramagnetic layer reflects light, causing the car to change colour instantly depending on the voltage applied.

When the current is switched off, the paint returns to a default shade of white. A special clear coating seals and protects the finish.

The technology could be offered as early as 2010, and one maker considering it is Nissan. The firm has already developed a ‘self-healing’ coat which sees resin flow into scratches when warmed, removing any marks.

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