Munster today

It looks set to be a generally unsettled day with a lot of cloud and showers or longer spells of rain, some heavy in the afternoon with a risk of thunder. Feeling cool again with a strong south-easterly wind.

Max temp 14-17°C (57-63°F).

Munster tomorrow

A windy day once more. It will be generally bright with sunny intervals but also a few showers. Rain will edge east in the afternoon. A strong south-westerly wind.

Max temp 15-18°C (59-64°F).


It is going to be a mix of sunny intervals and squally showers. These will fall mainly in the afternoon. Cool in the brisk westerly wind.

Max temp 14-17°C (57-63°F).


It is set to be wet with rain for much of the day clearing to showers later with a risk of thunder. Staying cool with a moderate southerly wind.

Max temp 14-17°C (57-63°F).


It is expected to be fairly cloudy but mainly dry initially. Rain may move in from the south-west later in the day. Gentle south-westerly winds. Cool once more.

Max temp 14-17°C (57-63°F).


It will be unsettled and wet with an area of showery rain sweeping north-eastwards. There will be a gentle easterly wind. Feeling cool again.

Max temp 14-17°C (57-63°F).