Munster today

It will be a predominantly dry day with any local pockets of drizzle soon fizzling out and cloud breaking in most places to leave lengthening sunny spells. Perhaps remaining somewhat cloudier along parts of the west coast though. Moderate north-westerly winds.

Max temp 15-18°C (59-64°F).

Munster tomorrow

Any early brightness in the south and east will soon be replaced by mainly cloudy skies already elsewhere. There is the chance of outbreaks of rain spreading eastwards through the day, mostly affecting northern and western areas. Freshening south-westerly winds.

Max temp 11-14°C (52-57°F).


A chilly day with some bright or sunny intervals but also the chance of a few showers. Brisk westerly winds.

Max temp 10-13°C (50-55°F).


Chilly and breezy with scattered showers, but some sunny spells are expected too. Brisk north-westerly winds.

Max temp 10-13°C (50-55°F).


A bright start, but cloud will increase to give the chance of outbreaks of rain later. Moderate south-westerly winds.

Max temp 11-14°C (52-57°F).


It will be a chilly day with sunny spells but also scattered showers. A moderate north-westerly wind.

Max temp 9-12°C (48-54°F).