Games offered by bookmakers throughout the State may be illegal

Games offered by bookmakers throughout the State may be illegal, giving rise to major tax and licensing implications for the industry, an investigation by the Irish Examiner has learned.

Vice-president of global logistics, Bill O'Connell, and vice-president of global manufacturing operations, Aidan Trindle, who have been newly appointed by EMC, which employs more than 3,000 people in Ireland.

Global roles for Cork EMC executives

Two senior executives at EMC’s Cork operations, Aidan Trindle and Bill O’Connell, have been promoted to global roles within the company.

Allogen Biotech founders Ben Teeling, left and Derek Graydon identified a gap in the market for a point of manufacturing gluten test and hope to launch their product in 2015.

Dublin biotech firm aims to take a slice of gluten-free market

Adapting sensors that were previously used in medical diagnostics, Allogen Biotech has created a unique device which can be used to check gluten levels during food production, writes Trish Dromey


Social media users ‘jealous’

Nearly two thirds of social media users say that sites such as Facebook and Twitter make them feel inadequate about their lives.


Got milk? Fridges will let you know

Refrigerators may soon contract viruses and malware, much like a computer can.


Wind farm guidelines delayed by reaction

-7,500 submissions on new rules

Paul Doherty: Scope for technology 'enormous'.

Technology worn with a sensor of pride

Dublin firm Shimmer Technology aims to generate turnover of €3m this year and €10m in 2015 with its sensor platform, which monitors movement and biophysical readings, writes Trish Dromey


Ryanair app removes need to print out boarding passes before flights

Ryanair yesterday launched a new smartphone app which, amongst other things, does away with the need for passengers to print out boarding passes before boarding their flight.


Nickel rashes blamed on iPads

Unexplained rash? Check your iPad. It turns out the popular tablet computer may contain nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals.


Apple moves to reassure Chinese

Apple Inc assured Chinese customers that location tracking on its iPhone can’t be used to identify activity of individuals, a day after China’s state-owned television broadcaster said the software poses a security risk.

An LG worker demonstrates the 'rollability' of an  18-inch screen. The flexibility is down to using a 'high molecular substance-based polyimide film' instead of plastic. Pictures: AP

LG ‘flexible’ screen set to revolutionise TV viewing

A flexible TV unveiled by LG could pave the way for a revolution in the way we watch and use screens — rolling them up and taking them with us in and out of the home.


Why are we in the grip of a start-up frenzy?

Ireland, or at least the Government, is in the grip of a frenzy around entrepreneurship. From local government, through the higher education system, to the highest in the land, hardly a day goes by without some new band jumping on the wagon.

Chloe Kirton wearing Google Glass, and a NeuroSky EEG biosensor to measure brainwaves.Pictures: Dominic Lipinski

Mind games: App allows user thoughts to control Google Glass

Google Glass wearers can now control their device with their minds and feelings, thanks to a new app.


Google accused of press censorship

Google’s removal of some search results in Europe is drawing accusations of press censorship.


World Social Media Day celebrations live

Today is World Social Media Day and we’re keeping up with all the celebrations around the globe. This story is enriched with multi-media content