Bono bringing Beyoncé home was the best, says daughter

Bono’s youngest daughter has revealed how her rockstar father was responsible for the greatest moment of her life when he brought Beyoncé home with him.

In an interview in Rolling Stone magazine, Eve Hewson, who is enrolled in the prestigious New York University drama course, also told how her famous dad was against her pursuing a movie career.

The 21-year-old is worlds away from the spoiled offspring of A-list stars as she admits she is still trying to talk her parents into buying her a car. “I just have to convince my parents to get me a car. I’ve been saving up. Two Christmas presents, two birthday presents, and my graduation present. That should be enough.”

But even though she hasn’t been showered with material gifts, she said there were some perks to growing up as the child of the world’s most famous frontman. She described how the “greatest moment probably of my life” was when Beyoncé strolled by with Bono as she was swimming in their pool.

“I was in a pool with my friend Blue [daughter of the Edge] and we just went underwater and screamed and then got out of the pool and hid. So that’s when we used Dad. To get cute boys and Beyoncé.”

The brunette also said it can be hard to emerge from her father’s shadow: “I feel like I should be constantly defending me, like I am my own person. But at the end of the day that is me. I definitely have his genes in the going out department. It’s kind of dangerous.”

The Dublin actress also told how she was taken aback when her father objected to her pursuing her dream of acting.

“When I told my dad he was like, ‘I don’t want you to’, I was like ‘What the hell?

“You of all people can’t tell me that. You didn’t listen to whoever told you that when you were 18. So you’re just going to have to deal with it’.”

Hewson has just finished work on the movie Blood Ties.

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