Antrim man dies by suicide after confrontation with vigilante paedophile-hunters

Concerns are being raised after a man in the North, who was confronted by a group of vigilante paedophile-hunters, died by suicide.

Known on Facebook as 'Silent Justice' they reportedly called to the Antrim man's house last weekend.

The confrontation with the father of two was streamed live online and he died just two days later.

According to the group, the man had “contacted two of our decoys separately and incited both into sexual activity and sent indecent images of himself and requested them of the children”.

During the exchange, the man denied knowing the age of one of the decoys who was posing as a 14-year-old girl.

He also objects to the conversation being broadcast live however the group tell him he is under “citizen’s arrest”.

Police officers arrived at the scene later and question the man.

The Silent Justice spokesman told Irish News that “due to our research team finding out information that [name withheld] was in contact with other young children, we as a team felt it necessary to expose [name withheld] sooner rather than later and hand him and the evidence to the police”.

The video was later removed from Facebook out of respect to the family.

Times journalist, Sean O’Driscoll, says the group pretend to be teenage girls to entrap potential predators.

“They try to get as much personal information as possible posing as the girl and then they ask the guy ‘Will you send me some photos of yourself?’,” said Mr O’Driscoll.

“Then they’ll try and pin it down to where he lives and try arrange a meeting. When he shows up at the meeting, they confront him,” he added.

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