Trinity College to honour Rhys Meyers

Hollywood heartthrob Jonathan Rhys Meyers is set to get a royal welcome from Trinity College students in coming weeks.

The Philosophical Society is to award its Honorary Patronage to the Cork-born star of The Tudors at a special ceremony.

Previous personalities who have been given this honour include US presidential candidate Senator John McCain who came to Trinity in 2006 to answer questions from students.

Meyers, 31, will take part in a public interview with society president Barry Devlin who said: “We look for people who we feel represent the spirit and values embodied by former pioneering Irish people like Oscar Wilde.”

“We are delighted to present this award to such a list of diverse and talented individuals such as Jonathan Rhys Myers.”

Meyers, who plays King Henry VIII in the award-winning BBC series, 'The Tudors', previously starred in movies such as 'Mission Impossible III', 'Matchpoint', 'Michael Collins' and 'Alexander'.

Veteran actor John C McGinley, who plays Perry Cox in comedy series 'Scrubs' will also be honoured by the Philosophy Society in coming weeks.

Other previous guests of the Society include actors Al Pacino and Helen Mirren as well as Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu and aid campaigner Bob Geldof.

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