Syria’s Jewish community not so large

Michael A Moriarty (‘Stopping the bloodshed in Syria’, Letters, May 31) writes that "The government of Syria may be far from perfect", which is obvious to anyone following the events there.

However, he continues that "having lived in the country I can confirm that minority groups, mainly Christian and Jewish (of whom there is a large community), are allowed to function".

While there are a few Jews left in Syria, I think the term "a large community" is such an exaggeration as to be ludicrous.

There are probably more Jews born in Syria in the sleepy seaside resort of Deal, New Jersey, let alone in the New York conurbation, than in the whole of Syria today.

Perhaps Mr Moriarty referred to the Christians and his comment was displaced by mistake but such carelessness should have been picked up by the editor.

Martin D Stern
7 Hanover Gardens