The new Novacat 302 ED mower from Pˆttinger.

Arm makes mower easier to adjust

New rear-mounted mowers made by Pˆttinger of Austria for the coming season have a hydraulic lower linkage arm that enables easier mounting, without having to adjust the tractor hitch struts.

Solar panels on a shed produce predictable renewable electricity and a consistent financial return.

6%-10% return on solar barn outlay

A return of 6-10% on the money invested in a solar barn was the prospect extended to farmers interested in harnessing the power of the sun at last week’s Agricultural Buildings Show in Lincoln, England.

Solid jets of of silage additive from above and below give the best grass coverage in forage loader wagons. But fan jets (inset) can result in spray drift.

Silage additive loss due to inadequate delivery

Independent forage trials have shown almost half the additive applied to silage can be lost when using standard delivery equipment.

Glanbia supplier George Kenny, Lisdowney, Co Kilkenny and James Fitzpatrick, ruminant business manager, Glanbia Agribusiness, at the launch of a new online animal health and veterinary products store.

Glanbia launch new online veterinary store

Glanbia Agribusiness, the largest animal feed manufacturer and agri retailer in Ireland, has shaken up the animal health and veterinary products sector by launching a new vet store online.


Auto-milking is reducing cow-grazing across EU

Automatic milking has reduced cow grazing on farms that have robot milkers, across Europe.

Drones — or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Systems) — like this Airinov product, left, are gaining popularity in agriculture.

French farmers using more drones on farms

French farmers are monitoring an estimated 10,000 hectares of farmland with flying drones made by Airinov, a Paris-based company which made its first drone in a garage four years ago.


Text alerting you to next heat cycle saves money

Herdalerts is a new heat-cycle management service. It’s €60 to register, plus €1 per cow (for example, €115 per year for a herd of 55 cows).


Cattle traceability to become digital in France by 2017

Traceability of 30m cattle movements per year in France is to go digital over the next three years.

C‰ser the fruit robot has been designed to travel predetermined routes and perform a variety of tasks.

Fruit robot brings orchard tasks back down to size

The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few — so the Germans have developed a small, totally autonomous robot, designed specifically to perform typical orchard and vineyard chores.

The Twitter hashtag #AgriChatUK has enjoyed huge success with farmers in the UK.

UK farmers tweet agri hashtag to top of charts

The Twitter hashtag #AgriChatUK reached the top 10 trends in the UK by October last year, with many farmers professing that this and other social media outlets were a “lifeline” when out on remote farms in the countryside.