Eddie Slattery, DeLaval dealer for Kerry congratulating JohnnyO'Hanlon, who with his family have purchased the first DeLaval VMS (robotic) milking system and ABC grazing model in Europe for their dairy farm in Ballyduff, Co Kerry.

Plugging into GPS trackers to fight theft

GPS trackers are put forward to stem the rising tide of rural theft in the UK.


Ireland’s Silicon Valley for cows takes to global stage courtesy of BBC World News

Kerry dairying technology is being beamed worldwide on BBC World News. The Dairymaster company heaquartered at Causeway in north Kerry site is benefiting from the global coverage.


Welsh Show award for temperature monitor

A bolus that monitors the core body temperature of dairy cows — for early prognosis of diseases and metabolic disorders — was one of the Tomorrow, Today Exhibition award winners at the Royal Welsh Show.

This milking parlour is equipped for precision livestock farming with features such as voluntary milking, milk monitoring, robotic feeding, and continuous monitoring of ruminal pH in cows.

PLF for individual animal care

EU Commission Joint Research Centre report on precision agriculture: part 2.


Irrigating precisely

In high-value crops, precise irrigation methods are developing rapidly in order to save water, and improve yields and fruit quality.


Costs can be slashed and crop yields increased

Precision agriculture is used most and is most advanced amongst arable farms, particularly large ones with large field sizes in the main grain growing areas of Europe, and where a business approach (to maximise profitability) has long been practiced.


Precision farming

The size and diversity of farms in the EU make widespread adoption of ‘precision agriculture’ challenging, says the European Commission.

John Deere's DirectDrive, which delivers fuel savings of up to 4%.

John Deere DirectDrive delivers 4% fuel saving

Fuel savings of up to 4%, with John Deere’s DirectDrive transmission, have been measured in test facilities and independent field tests, compared with currently available transmissions.

At the Livestock Event: Michael Eavis, centre, and his farm managers, Pam and Richard Taylor, accepting the National Milk Records/Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers' Gold Cup.

Energy crop demand is an opening for Irish firms

Strong demand for energy crops, such as forage maize and straw, is pricing livestock farmers in Britain out of the market.

The award-winning Deutz-Fahr 7 series.

Tractor wins prestigious design award

Researchers predict 20,000 hectares of quinoa will be cultivated in Europe within five years.