FarmFlo software launch

FarmFlo eases the stress of managing compliance

Many farmers worry about an inspection for cross-compliance, or other requirement, and then being penalised for not having their records up-to-date.


Herdwatch on shortlist of top tipped firms

Herdwatch, which is part of the FRS Network, has been profiled in the prestigious SFA National Small Business Awards 2015 as one of five emerging new businesses.


Top tractors at leading UK show

This week’s LAMMA 2015, the UK’s largest farm equipment show, features several new tractor launches.

Special mention winners in the Sima Innovation awards, the Vario cutterbar, and top left, the VMP attachment which goes on a combine harvester, and harvests and packages chaff.

Cutting down on delays at harvest time

Quick adaptation from grain to rapeseed harvesting helped the new Vario cutterbar in the Claas Tucano and Lexion combine harvesters earn a Sima Innovation special mention.


A vision of the future for safe handling of tractors

The Agrotronix system from France displays information required by a driver on the tractor’s windscreen, via an on-board computer fitted with a pico-projector.

The Exact Emerge precision seed drill

Claas panoramic cab wins SIMA innovation award

By eliminating the upper horizontal crosspiece, Claas has achieved a panoramic cab in the Arion T4f tractor.


Lagoon Crawler unusual vehicle for agitating large slurry lagoons

The Lagoon Crawler is an unusual vehicle found on some big farms, for example in the US.


Baler gets special mention in Paris

There’s a special mention for the McHale Fusion 3 Plus press-baler in the innovation awards at the SIMA international agribusiness show, which takes place in Paris in February.


Israeli formula keeps ‘fruit and veg’ fresh for weeks

Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in an Israeli formula that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh and viable for 10 weeks, reducing losses due to rot and transportation.


Taking the stress out of flat tyres

A radial tyre for agricultural and commercial applications that runs without air called Tweel — is going into production at a new Michelin plant in the US.