US defence secretary Chuck Hagel is resigning from Barack Obama’s cabinet, sources have revealed.

'Virtuous paedophile' calls for more treatment in TV documentary

A self-confessed paedophile is to out himself in a television documentary to ask for more help for people sexually attracted to children in a bid to stop them becoming ...


Study finds talking therapy 'can stop suicide'

Talking therapy can prevent people bent on suicide from stepping over the brink, a study has found.


American town waits on decision in teenager's shooting case

The town of Ferguson, Missouri, is braced for a result in the case of Michael Brown.



Judge considers halting Dewani case

A judge in South Africa is expected to consider today whether the case against Shrien Dewani should be thrown out.


Obama defends immigration amnesty

Barack Obama has shrugged off Republican criticism of his move to lift the threat of deportation from millions of immigrants living illegally in the United States.


Research reveals divorce can drive children to drink and drugs

Children and teenagers whose parents have divorced say their exam grades suffer and they are driven to drink or drugs or feel pressure to get involved in the break-up, ...


Banker ruled fit for murder trial

British banker Rurik Jutting has been ruled mentally fit to stand trial for the murder of two Indonesian women.


Mother charged with attempted murder of her newborn baby

A 30-year-old woman has been charged with the attempted murder of her newborn son who was allegedly abandoned in a roadside drain for five days before passers-by ...

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