3rd Place - Coastal Heritage
Title: The Mighty Hook
Location : Ballymun, Enniscorthy, Wexford
Photographer : Marie Hayes

Clean Coasts

Love Your Coast

photography Competition 2020


The Love Your Coast competition aims to celebrate Ireland’s diverse waters by capturing its stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, epic cliff faces and raging rivers.  Working with communities on the ground, Clean Coasts’ mission is to help foster pride in our coastline, supporting Clean Coasts communities, groups and volunteers to tackle issues affecting their local area. 


Jellyfish and Diver

LOCATION : Aran island, Co Galway, Ireland

"The diver in the picture is Galway native Nick Pfeiffer. We had just surfaced from being inside the Pol na Beist rock pool dive site on Aranmore island. We were slowly making our way underwater to the boat, carrying out what divers know as a "safety stop" where we remain in the shallows for about 5minutes. Sometimes there is no better way to spend these five minutes that by continuing to take pictures"
PHOTOGRAPHER : Ivan Donoghue


Territorial Seals

LOCATION : Dalkey Island, Co. Dublin

"Enda Curran dropping down the face of a huge golden wave on a special day at Mullaghmore Head, Co Sligo.
It is rare for the exact wind, swell and weather conditions to align to produce these perfect monster waves for paddle surfing.
I was delighted to capture the incredible sportsmanship of Enda on such an amazing day for the Irish surfing history."


Limp leviathan

LOCATION : Mace Head, Co. Galway

"This sperm whale came ashore at Mace Head, Co. Galway in the spring of 2019. He was one of 3 sperm whales stranded along the west coast within days of each other which was very abnormal. While not proven, it seems likely he was adversely affected by an impact leading to his and the others sudden deaths, noise pollution may be that affect."
PHOTOGRAPHER : Seán O'Callaghan  

Flying gannets

LOCATION : Saltee Islands

"This photograph was taken on the Great Saltee Island in July after the travel restrictions were lifted. It is a magical place, and it is so uplifting to visit and see the birds in their natural environment. It was a windy day and the gannets seemed to be so at home riding the wind and soaring in the most beautiful sky. I went home feeling happy, relaxed and mentally refreshed. These are the most beautiful, graceful birds in flight. If the wind is in the right direction, they seem to be able to hold their position in the sky effortlessly."
PHOTOGRAPHER : Christine Taylor

Catch of the Day

LOCATION : Small river outlet running towards the sea Tipperary

"I entered this photo as I felt the otter has a role to play in our ecosystems of rivers and coastlines. The photo was taken on river outlet near Carrick On Suir which flows in to the open sea I spent 4 weeks photographing and watching their behaviour and playful antics felt the otter fitted in perfect for wildlife and coast category of the competition "
PHOTOGRAPHER : Clodagh Blake

Sandwich Tern In Flight

LOCATION : Clogga Strand, Co. Wicklow

"The Sandwich Tern is one of my favourite seabirds and I always look forward to their return to our shores. From the distinctive call to the bouncing, graceful flight to the pristine plumage, everything about these birds is special. It is always a pleasure to share a moment with a Sandwich Tern, to catch a photo is just a bonus."


LOCATION : Tory Island, Donegal

"Photo was taken on a club trip to Donegal with Mevagh Dive Centre. We were diving on Tory Island and had dropped into a gloomy, steep-sided gully. Suddenly we were engulfed in a huge shoal of horse mackerel (scad). It took several minutes for the shoal of fish to pass through, followed by a couple of hungry-looking seals. A memorable dive! "


LOCATION : Saltees Islands, County Wexford

"When I started Photography, I always hoped to visit the Saltees Islands. I hoped to capture various bird species and I was not disappointed. I feel very fortunate to have been able to capture this photograph of this beautiful Puffin. When I look at this photograph, I remember my trip to Saltees Islands and it feels as if I'm sitting right beside him. "
PHOTOGRAPHER : Odeta Burokaite

Water wings


"This humpback whale was photographed to measure its length using a technique called aerial photogrammetry for the Irish Whale and Dolphin Groups Whale Track Ireland project. It paused just before diving by holding out it's elongated 3 m flippers like a small aircraft completely dwarfing the common dolphins bow-riding it. It was my first day flying from a boat over the sea and whales, but it was a fruitful one!"
PHOTOGRAPHER : Seán O'Callaghan

Dinner for one

LOCATION : Saltee, Wexford

"I head to the Great Saltee's each year in Wexford sadly this year only the one trip. I get my few standing still or feeding shots early in the day then work on my flying shots mostly of them coming into feed young. This Razorbill is hard enough to photograph right even when still as he is very dark around the head and most of the body parts expect the pure white belly on him, so between the background light and him its very difficult to adjust the light so quickly, u hope to not blow out the subject and background. I just love the challenge of my subjects moving and when its birds u can't beat it when u nail a shot in mid flight and with a meal in their mouth, it just sweetens the deal."
PHOTOGRAPHER : Stephen Walsh

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