Coastal Heritage
Title: Claddagh
Location : Claddagh, Co. Galway
Photographer : Hazel Hansberry

Clean Coasts

Love Your Coast

photography Competition 2020


The Love Your Coast competition aims to celebrate Ireland’s diverse waters by capturing its stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, epic cliff faces and raging rivers.  Working with communities on the ground, Clean Coasts’ mission is to help foster pride in our coastline, supporting Clean Coasts communities, groups and volunteers to tackle issues affecting their local area. 


Low Tide

LOCATION : Malahide, Co. Dublin

"Low tide features my friend Barry at High Rock on the coast of Malahide. We used sea swimming as a way to forget about the current situations we find ourselves in. on this particular day the sun was in the perfect place and the smile was on the right face. "


Enda Curran Surfing

LOCATION : Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo

"Enda Curran dropping down the face of a huge golden wave on a special day at Mullaghmore Head, Co Sligo.
It is rare for the exact wind, swell and weather conditions to align to produce these perfect monster waves for paddle surfing.
I was delighted to capture the incredible sportsmanship of Enda on such an amazing day for the Irish surfing history."


Diver in Cave

LOCATION : Hook head, Co. Wexford

PHOTOGRAPHER : Ivan Donaghan  

The Fishermen's Apprentice

LOCATION : Maharees, Co. Kerry

"This is a photograph of Noel O’Connor and his son Joey, his Dad’s second shadow, at Scraggane Pier Maharees County Kerry. Joey looks up to his dad who is a local fisherman and character, I wanted to capture the special bond of father and son who both share their love of the Sea, local traditions and the beautiful unique area that they live in."

Hiking the Wild Atlantic

LOCATION : Sheep's Head, Co. Cork

"A few weeks before the first lockdown started myself and Eva (in the photograph) went to Akahista for a long weekend. Our trip conicided with Storm Jorge which did present some challanging but exicting conditions for photography. This photo was taken on our short hike along the Sheep Head's Way to the top of Caher Mountain (319m). I used a wide angle lens and a circular polarizer to emphasize the dramatic stormy sky. "
PHOTOGRAPHER : Maciej Staroniewicz

I Believe I Can…D'Oh

LOCATION : Salthill, Co. Galway

"The photo was taken at Galway's well known diving tower in Blackrock Salthill. It was a spur-of-the-moment lunchtime walk for me when I came across these two friends taking turns jumping and diving into the water, all the while being creative in their way of doing it every time. Basically just two messrs having the Craic!!!! I was actually able to grab this image with my phone, and not a professional DSLR Camera."
PHOTOGRAPHER : Shane Geraghty

Two's a Couple

LOCATION : Dollymount, Co. Dublin

"The picture title is “Two’s A Couple”. It was taken in Dollymount, while out on a photoshoot with friends from the Naas Photography Group. The symmetry of the stacks, light reflections and the couple in the water caught my eye, while walking by. I had to wait a minute or so for the couple to move closer in line with the stacks."

Irish Brasileiro

LOCATION : Dingle, Co. Kerry

"It was amazing- clear sky day when we got to our b&b in Dingle, after checking the forecast I realized there is some clouds rolling in around the sunset...
During quick chat with the b&b owners I was adviced to tackle the cliffs from the far side.
It was a good idea, as that's where I found Will (Irish Brasileiro) enjoying the sunset.."
PHOTOGRAPHER : Michal Namsyl

Surfer and Sea Cave

LOCATION : Bundoran, Co. Donegal

"I took the photo in Bundoran County Donegal, by the bathing pools, I love the Donegal Coastline and spend any spare minutes I have exploring by the sea, we are very lucky to have so many stunning places to visit by the west coast of Ireland."
PHOTOGRAPHER : Michelle Duffy

Surfers on the Way to Surf

LOCATION : Strandhill, Co. Sligo 

"Strandhill is one of my favourite places to take photos. During the summer it is a very vibrant seaside resort. What amazes me about Strandhill is how quickly the light can change, from overcast to bright sun in seconds. The challenge for me on the day I took this photo was to capture an image that conveyed both the vibrancy and wonderful light of Strandhill beach"
PHOTOGRAPHER : Ian Callaghan

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