Title: Jellyfish and Diver
Location : Aran island, Co Galway, Ireland
Photographer :  Ivan Donoghue

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Wildlife and The Coast

Clean Coasts

Love Your Coast

photography Competition 2020


The Love Your Coast competition aims to celebrate Ireland’s diverse waters by capturing its stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, epic cliff faces and raging rivers.  Working with communities on the ground, Clean Coasts’ mission is to help foster pride in our coastline, supporting Clean Coasts communities, groups and volunteers to tackle issues affecting their local area. 


Blue hour at Dunguaire Castle.

LOCATION : Kinvara, County Galway

"Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara, County Galway is like a scene from a fairy tale. This particular late summer evening I knew I was in for a treat as it was going to be a low tide and the conditions were super calm.
I was standing in the sea with my waders on and tripod firmly fixed into the sand and just waited quite happily for the setting sun to illuminate the castle like stage lighting!
As if the scene wasn’t beautiful enough, swans were browsing around feeding from the low tide. I knew I had a keeper! "


The fishshop

LOCATION : Coal Harbour, DunLaoghaire

"I took this image at Traders Wharf near the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire, South County Dublin on a crystal clear, freezing cold morning in early March 2020. A flock of seagulls were circling above as though waiting for the next catch to be delivered to the Quay Fish Shop below. It was the contrast of their graceful shadows sweeping majestically across the coarse, hard, grey concrete building which captivated me."
PHOTOGRAPHER : Andrew Watchorn


The Mighty Hook

LOCATION : Ballymun, Enniscorthy, Wexford

"I took this photo of The Mighty Hook Lighthouse as the waves lashed it during Storm Atiyah. Myself and my camera were covered in sea foam and I was deafened by the roar of the waves. I felt privileged to experience nature at its wildest in such a beautiful place."

Sunset Castle on the
Wild Atlantic Way

LOCATION : Doolin Co. Clare

"One brilliant aspect of Ireland’s coast is the dramatic perspective you are able to achieve if you move inland and uphill a kilometer or so. 
I was struck by the incredible view this castle has of the Wild Atlantic Way and how sunset highlighted the soft sweet colors of the ocean and the endless rolling waves.  The brambles along the rock walls were the only obstacle between my camera and this view!"

Dylan's Boat

LOCATION : Wexford Quay

"While walking with friends on Wexford Quay I saw the name on the fishing trawler and had to take the photo! It was a wonderful coincidence that the boat was moored near Wexford Bridge and that the sky was so beautiful!"


LOCATION : Claddagh, Galway

"Taken at Nimmos Pier in one of the oldest recorded fishing villages in Ireland, the Claddagh in Galway dates back to the 7th Century. The ‘Galway Hooker’ boat (pictured) is a traditional boat distinctive to Galway Bay, where fisherman would dock and sell their catch at the Spanish Arch, which is shown in the background. The Claddagh is also famous for the Claddagh ring, which shows a heart with a crown being held by hands. The story tells of a young man that was captured by pirates and sold as a slave to a goldsmith in Morocco, where he designed and made the ring for his sweetheart back in Galway, upon his return"
PHOTOGRAPHER : Hazel Hansberry

Milkyway over Knockadoon

LOCATION : Knockadoon, Co. Cork.

"Milkyway over Knockadoon" is a shot of the old Watchtower on the Knockadoon Peninsula, East Cork. Knockadoon is as close as we can get in this area to a Dark Sky area. The light pollution is low, which is perfect for shooting the Milkyway. The shot was taken on July 20th 2020 when the Milkyway is at its most prominent in the Northern Hemisphere. I placed a remote flash inside the tower with a coloured Gel for effect and a headlamp to illuminate the exterior of the tower. 
This was taken on a Canon 6D ,Exosure was 20 Secs at F28 Iso 3200. I Used a
remote trigger on a Gelled Flash to light the interior of the Tower."

Fenit Lighthouse


"It was a beautiful winter day, which I devoted entirely to shooting from sunrise to sunset. For the sunset, I chose Fenit and the lighthouse which is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Tralee bay. It was one of the best sunsets I saw during my photography trips and I was very lucky to be there at that time. To take this picture I used the zoom lens as the lighthouse is located at a considerable distance from the shore. As you can see in the photo, the conditions were not easy either because of strong wind and hail. However, with quite difficult conditions and weakening light, I was able to take a sharp photo with the Fenit Lighthouse in the lead role."
PHOTOGRAPHER : Piotr Machowczyk

Sunrise at Fanad Lighthouse

LOCATION : Fanad Lighthouse, Co. Donegal 

"With my family we went on holiday in County Donegal. Our accommodation was about 5km from Fanad Lighthouse. One morning I went to Fanad Lighthouse to get a picture at sunset. It was dull morning. I decided to take a picture of very long exposure of 20 minutes and to convert later the picture in black and white. After a few minutes the sky opened and the sun showed. After a few seconds the sun disappeared again. In the next few minutes the sun started showing and hiding. I realised, that to prevent the picture from over-exposing, I need to reduce the the exposure time. So I reduced the time to seven and a half minute. The picture is final result of it'"

The Long Walk

LOCATION : Long Walk, Galway 

"It This shot was captured at Nimmo's pier, where many boats spend the last of their days.
While initially trying to capture a wide shot of this bright blue fishing boat, I was drawn to the wheel house and focusing through the broken window frame, I knew I had found the perfect composition of the long walk.
PHOTOGRAPHER : Vincent Whyte

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