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Revealed: The home interiors trends for 2022

From gloss paint to glassy floor tiles, here are the materials your rooms will be wearing in the year ahead


Kya deLongchamps

It looks like semi-translucent glass, but it wears like robust porcelain. Vitri range here in a large-format 120cm x 278cm tile from €90-€100 per square metre.

the year 2022 is going to be a fascinating one in terms of interiors. Together with the satin step of art deco all over the house, homely nostalgic alternatives are colliding with the brazenly modern.
Quirky, popular but unexpected hits on social media platforms are further enriching our choice all over the market.

Amateur decorators and online influencers are as likely to spark interest in a style, material, pattern or finish, as the feted design creatives gathered in an upper room or the world of couture clothing.

Farrow & Ball Stone Blue

Farrow & Ball Stone Blue in a gloss and eggshell demonstrate the colour drenching of 2021 married to the return of a high gloss to accent your architectural woodwork next year.


W hile paint moves into protective, enfolding colours as deep as charcoal and the forest floor at midnight, there’s a parallel interest in paint texture.

Good old glossy paint (fantastic for fending off the dings of bikes and the helicopter spray of muddy dogs) is reasserting itself. David Mottershead and his team at Little Greene have obsessed the interiors nation with the one colour everywhere extravaganza of “colour drenching” which took off across Europe and the States.
High-gloss paint reflects enough light to appear in a spectrum of shades depending on the time of day. It’s actually very lively in a mid to dark choice.

Farrow & Ball’s Stone Blue (see our illustration) strokes highlights on the cheekbones of these magnificent 19th-century apartment windows, where eggshells would swallow that detailing down to matt. Experiment using a water-based gloss to woodwork and the same colour in a flat finish to the walls.

No, it’s not as easy to apply, and yes, you will have to make friends with sand-paper between coats but the effect is well worth the trouble. If you’re spending a lot of money on a brand of heritage paint, for the price of a couple of litres you could have one-two hours video chat with a colour consultant, walking them around your own home, from €154,

charmer bath

All aboard: The stand-alone period charmer bath is still afloat. Metal (authentic, clad or in a leaf finish) will shimmer in executive-level bathrooms all over 2022. Catchpole & Rye nickel bath from €7,825.


the shiny bathroom is hardly a new story, but the light inflating qualities of reflective materials on bath-sides, large frame-less shower panels and super glossy flooring, is amped up in the bathroom of 2022. Sparkle, sheer whites, deep peaches, copper, matte-black tap-ware and the inclusion of gilding metallics, the bathroom continues to trend to downright glamorous.

If you have a small space, and don’t want to go to natural stone styling, reach back to the era of art deco for a crisp, lean but decadent comfort next year. In showering, we want the area to all but disappear in terms of framing, and anything in Merlyn Showering’s latest Arysto collection married to gentle ambient LED lighting will inspire,

The stand-alone bath is holding back the waves of super showers and wet-rooms, with magnificent polished metal baths a determined fashion that hit last year and is likely to extend into the coming decade. Set against matte terrazzo or marble (faux or real) — the great big riveted tub is an acknowledged classic.

For the best of the millionaire cruise lines in polished bateaus look up the work of Catchpole & Rye ( from €7,825 for a highly architectural splay-footed nickel bath) and Drummonds (€15,000 plus for hammered copper),

Choking back the tears, my choice would be the slightly more affordable La Rochelle 1700mm slipper bath with a copper leaf finish at The Bathshack, €2,339, For an accent colour, rather than going off the rails to salmons and purples – emerald greens and terracotta have a far better potential to survive a decade.

Kitchen by Pluck Kitchens

The coloured kitchen cabinet is having a renaissance and gives the DIY renovator the chance to hold onto the timber kitchen they already love. Kitchen by Pluck Kitchens in ply,  London.


do you want to update the cabinets you have (please God, they are wood-fronted) and are utterly and entirely sick of all things safe, blocky, glossy and neutral? Well, cheer up. The colourful kitchen press is making a shy but delicious return.

It’s worth remembering when you buy things that need “no maintenance” that is generally because they cannot be maintained, or cannot be easily painted over.

If the carcasses are quality, look to replace the doors with sustainable wood panels if the layout is working well. Together with glass-fronted cabinets (including the pantry door), new colour can kick up a jaded space this spring-summer.

For the entirely terrified, Cash & Carry’s Savana in Marine Blue has been around for a couple of years and still looks spectacular.

Future-forward with its ply kitchens, Pluck Kitchens, based in London, illustrates several of its most recent projects in shades of salmon pink (Ruskin Blossom), various species of green and a calming grey-based yellow. Clutter-free with the inclusion of organic, strokable grainy wood, combined with the honesty of cork flooring and Corian counters, they say everything you need to know about the direction of relaxed family kitchen/diners in 2022,

Next125 German kitchen

Next125 is a German kitchen styled in flush, monumental walls of storage that simplify the layout considerable. Add colour and wood accents to soften the look. Prices from €12,000.


When shopping for a commercial kitchen, see what bespoke elements be it colour, materials mixes or layout that will inject what Pluck describe as “the personal twist”.

The alternative? Stormy and flush-fronted, monumental and contemporary. Expect determinedly dark floor matched to ceiling high banks of storage walls style cabinetry with bump operation. Tailored, chic, The Next125 German kitchens from Evoke are lightened with clever blonde wood detailing and perfectly encompass broken-plan living. Prices form €12,000,

Versatile Tiling

The tile comes in some huge formats up to 120cm X 278cm, and hover in the €90-€100 per square metre area ex.installation.


we have become completely unafraid of putting on the Ritz in our interiors and that jazzy 1920s shine is coming through in glass style porcelain flooring and a surprising return to full gloss paint over slavish devotion to egg-shells. If rectified large format tiling is not enough for you underfoot try going to a high polish with glass pretenders. Any super sleek flooring is better used in officers’ quarters as wet it could prove slippery.

Otherwise, look for a family-friendly key in durable glowing porcelain.

Versatile Tiling offers a whole division of glassy gorgeous, and underlines its Vitri collection as “combining the technical performance of stoneware with the emotional power of glass — opaque and transparent, robust and fragile”.


The tile (pictured above) comes in some huge formats up to 120cm X 278cm, and hover in the €90-€100 per square metre area ex.installation,

Renovating or building new, if you want your windows to look entirely frame-less — look up the products of Lumi. These aluminium framed windows feature glass that rides on the frame, producing a luminous, edge to edge look with super-slim sight-lines and no dirt-traps when cleaning them down. (for suppliers in Ireland).

illustrated tile

This unashamedly quaint and illustrated tile, Wildflower Rose is teamed up with Adulting from the brand Coats, pulling colour from the print, €95 per metre, various suppliers,


jane Addis, products and design manager for the widely loved brand Original Style Tiles, explains that their choice of tile for 2022, Wildflower Rose was influenced by the cottage-core trend “which ignited during the summer of 2020 when rural walks and exploring the great outdoors was a welcome escape.

"We spent many weeks sketching and painting an abundance of wildflower varieties before working closely with our skilled production teams to bring these gorgeous designs to life.”

This unashamedly quaint, embroidery-on-linen like tile was teamed up with paints from the brand Coats in a range of complementary shades, pulling colour from the print (as you would with wallpaper). These include “Adulting” a deep teal green, and “Ciao, Sofia”, a dusty pink that picks up the blush elements. €95 per square metre, for suppliers

Delicate pink, as an overtly fashionable colour that comes and goes in a queasy wave, is unlikely to last 24 months but can be refreshed with new colours when you mix up those tiled and plastered walls.

You can find dramatic immersive tile colour from Original Style and other makers for the kitchen and bathroom taken from the catwalks, including gold, forest green, ink blues and even violet if you’re truly unafraid to stick it all up there for 2022. Larger-scale prints for those geometrics in a dusty Moroccan or sharp monochrome with rippling texture will remain as dynamic choices all over the showrooms this spring. Remember if it’s cemented into place, always be sure, you simply cannot live without that bold character.

Woman working on computer

Woman working on computer and digital tablet in her home office during pandemic.


if you’re one of the legions of workers or self-employed people working from home as I do, it’s time to get a little more serious about that home office exile in 2022. WFH is here to stay, and you could say in this respect alone Covid did us a favour, shaking up the working landscape.

Sort out the storage and give up on that wobbling trestle or cheap flat-pack desk and dining chair. Invest in a solid table of 120cm-170cm in length, at least 76cm deep, and 74cm-76cm in height depending on your stature and chair.

If your laptop is straining your neck, start by introducing a separate keyboard (wireless or USB) working with the screen of the laptop, now elevated to allow you to look only very slightly down. Consider a separate all-in-one computer with everything built into the area behind the screen to supplement working on the go with the laptop.

Acer Aspire 22” models from €599, The surface of any desk should be just below your natural wrist height when it is straight out from the forearm.

The standing height is in the area of 90cm for a surface, but ensure you get this right as there is no chair to tickle up or down a few millimetres. If you’re less than arm’s length from your monitor, it’s too small or your desk is too skinny.

Woman WFH

Choose a flexible chair intended for regular rather than “occasional” use — your back will thank you. Style up some chic surroundings in your sliver of space where you can Zoom in confidence and take pleasure in the view rather than blushing through the meeting and apologising for the glare on your Nosferatu forehead.

Don’t forget you can also use Zoom backgrounds (only if you have good even light) or just blur it out to clean up your act (and the room). For all the executive detail you need to put on a professional front, see our feature here.




Wallpaper in the bathroom and kitchen? Once you choose the right product, roll on up to this trend for 2022. You can use a final coat of clear urethane if you’re concerned about your paper coming off at the seams, but a vinyl paper intended for humid areas should work well.

Wallpaper panel 1

Restore is Graham & Brown’s wallpaper of the year for 2022 and with its luxuriant tropical drama, it’s little wonder. Shown in Restore Midnight, €77 a roll, for suppliers.

Wallpaper panel 2

Geometric wallpaper featuring an arrangement of imbroglio shapes on a grand scale. Digitally printed, this design comes as 6 drops (sold in two’s), where each drop is designed to be hung in sequence next to each other. 70cm wide x 280cm high, 180gsm Non-woven Matt coated paste the wall wallpaper, €172.55,

Wallpaper panel 3

Washable and scrubbable kitchen wall decal. Cut to size and apply using the enclosed special glue. This wallpaper backsplash is also very easy to remove just peel and stick down again. Making it a great accent wall for rental homes too. Splashback size: H 60cm x W 300 cm, €142, Limelace.

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