Violent loan shark ordered to repay €1.38m of his fortune

A VIOLENT loan shark who preyed on hundreds of vulnerable people was ordered to pay back £1.2 million (€1.38m) of his fortune yesterday.

John Kiely, 36, is serving a five-year sentence after being found guilty of blackmail in July last year.

Kiely, who lived in a seven-bedroom mock Tudor castle in Derbyshire, built up a multimillion- pound empire and left customers fearing for their lives.

He charged up to 2,437% interest on loans and used an army of enforcers to collect debts owed by poor families on Manchester housing estates.

A jury also convicted him of acquiring criminal property, converting criminal property, illegal money-lending and failing to provide information to the Office of Fair Trading.

Kiely made £3.6m as a result of his illegal money- lending business.

One of his victims was nurse Donna Ockerby, who borrowed £300 to pay for her wedding dress. When she fell behind with payments, he grabbed her by the neck and threw a slab of concrete through her window.


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