VIDEO: Emotional reunion for hundreds of Koreans separated by war

Hundreds of elderly South and North Koreans separated by the Korean War met for the first time in six decades on Tuesday.

The separated family members took part in a reunion held in North Korea’s Diamond Mountain resort.

Nearly 400 South Koreans crossed the heavily armed border into North korea to see family members for the first time in over sixty years.

Embracing each other and shedding tears, the divided family members took the opportunity to ask about those they hadn’t seen in years.

No reunions have been held since late 2010, a positive sign for inter-Korean relations and a relief to families separated by the war.

Families separated since the war have no means of communication and often don’t know if relatives on the across the border are surviving.

South Koreans participating in the reunions are advised to stay clear of a long list of topics including the North’s political leadership or living standards.

Participants are even given a guide book on appropriate subjects to discuss with their North Korean kin.


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