‘Terrified’ Prince Harry deletes Facebook account

Prince Harry has deleted his Facebook account as rumours grow that more damaging revelations are on the way.

Harry, who used Facebook under the pseudonym Spike Wells to keep in touch with his young, wealthy friends, has now deleted his account on the orders of his security team.

It is understood two of his close friends have also closed their accounts which contained pictures of Harry and referred to him as Spike. His Facebook page was very active with nearly 400 friends and maximum security settings.

The ‘party prince’ is also said to fear more sordid stories being leaked to the papers following his now infamous naked escapades in Las Vegas.

Spike’s friends include some of Britain’s wealthiest young men and women. His listed birthplace, Maun, Botswana, was a holiday spot for Harry and his ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

It is believed Harry is widely referred to as Spike by all his friends. Even his Scotland Yard minders call him that, and he and Mr Wells have visited many of the same places.

Meanwhile, a quote from an anonymous source has been used by celebrity blogger Norm Clark on his Las Vegas gossip page. “Something pretty gigantic is involved; something more serious than strip billiards,” the Daily Mail quoted the source as saying.

The claim is the latest in a string of revelations to potentially tarnish the image of the 27-year-old royal.

Pictures from a previous wild night in the British Virgin Islands on Richard Branson’s private island of Necker have yet to surface. Harry is reportedly “terrified” that even more disastrous pictures may be exposed. The pictures were accessible to a few hundred people as they were on the Facebook page of one of Harry’s friends.


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