Shop gets into the Christmas spirit early

ENGLAND: Sizzling summer temperatures have not stopped the opening of a Christmas shop.

The shop, in the heart of Truro’s shopping centre in Cornwall, is stocked with advent calendars, cards and nativity sets. It is hoped that customers will snap up the festive items despite the hot weather — and five month wait until Christmas.

The Dean of Truro, Roger Bush, who opened the shop which is leased by Truro Cathedral, insisted that the message of Christmas should be shared “for the whole year”. There was a mixed reaction on Twitter, with some wishing it well and others bemused by the timing.

Norway: A video of a groom being tricked by his friends into thinking he’s about to perform a bungee jump is going viral online.

The man, who confessed to pals he was scared of heights, believed he was hundreds of feet in the air — but was actually about to hop into a garden paddling pool.

The clip shows the Norwegian man being blindfolded and led out onto a fake jetty. The man had made the mistake of telling his pals he did not want to carry out a high leap or a sky dive for his bachelor party because he didn’t like heights.

After a moment of indecision he decided to take the leap — but immediately splashed face first into a pool of water.

ENGLAND: An 18-year-old woman has been told to pay more than £650 (€755) after failing to clear up dog mess in a park, according to a local authority.

Katie Arnell, of Watts Road, Portsmouth, was seen by a city council officer to allow her dog to foul in Duke Crescent Green without cleaning up after it.

She failed to pay an on-the-spot fine of £75 and the authority took the case to court. The teenager failed to attend the hearing at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court and after she was found guilty in her absence she was fined £400 and ordered to pay £253.60 costs.

ENGLAND: A young cow trying to grab a cooling drink from a river in the hot weather had to be rescued by firefighters when it got stuck in the mud.

The nine-month-old Belgian blue got stuck trying to reach the River Hamble near Manor Farm Country Park in Lower Swanwick, Hampshire, yesterday.

Animal rescue specialist Buster Brown and the firefighters faced a race against time to free the calf before high tide. The calf was released unharmed.

USA: A Florida woman has been banned from swimming in her community’s pool because she wants to wear a mermaid tail.

Jenna Conti had been in the Aquatic Club pool with her custom-made tail once before with the staff’s approval. But last week, employees told her it violated a policy against swim fins.

The full-time hair stylist has not been a mermaid for very long. She and her 10-year-old son saw the mermaids at the Tampa Bay Renaissance Fair earlier this year, and she said she was “enthralled”.

CARIBBEAN: The tiny eastern Caribbean island of Montserrat is searching for a national song to call its own.

The government is asking the public to vote for one of six finalists that would be sung at festivals, school assemblies, churches and elsewhere. The British territory currently uses the UK national anthem for all events.

Officials with state-owned Radio Montserrat said that people are voting online and filling out forms to choose a song. The winning song will be announced during a cultural event on Jul 27.

USA: A demolition company has mistakenly torn down a three-bedroom home in north Texas rather than the condemned building next door.

David Underwood and his wife placed their Fort Worth house on the market with the intention of moving into the retreat they purchased near the shores of Lake Worth. The lakeside land has been in the family for decades and Mr Underwood bought it from an aunt earlier this year.

But when they stopped by to mow the lawn, they found the home was gone, with only a slab of foundation remaining. Mr Underwood is seeking a settlement from the city, which said officials are investigating.

USA: Three elderly sisters and their sister-in-law are sharing their common life experiences once again after being reunited at a Duluth care centre.

At 91 years young, Florence Strom, is the baby among the sisters. Dorothy Wotczak is 101 and sister Lillian Lund is 104. Their sister-in-law, Theresa

Anderson, is 93. The sisters are again living under one roof. They’re sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company at St Eliguis Health Center in Duluth.

Wotczak says the sisters share memories of dance halls they would frequent on Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Strom says the women were very close growing up and had a lot of fun.


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