Samsung unveils two new devices

Samsung has announced the release of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Tab 2, which will are to be made available from September 4.

The hype before the Samsung Reveal event in London was that there was going to be a new Galaxy Note 5 but instead Samsung have decided not to launch it in Europe at least until next year.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ looks identical to the original S6 Edge but the screen size has been increased to 14.5cm.

The big brother of the S6 Edge feels and looks just as good with those beautifully crafted Gorilla Glass 4 edges but has been given some minor added features.

For example, you still get five quick shortcuts to your favourite contacts but swipe over the edge and you can add five shortcuts to your favourite apps. This is a really useful addition and hopefully Samsung will find more features to add to the edges with future updates.

Under the hood, the S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ share most of the same hardware. The big difference is that the Edge+ has the 14.5cm-inch screen and 4GB of RAM, which is 1GB of RAM more than its smaller sibling.

The new display looks stunning thanks to the quad HD display which is super bright and pin sharp.

Other features include the ability to charge the Edge+ from 0% battery in just 90 minutes and fast-charging from Samsung’s own new wireless charger which will be sold separately.

The camera has not changed from the original 16MP rear facing camera but a new feature allows you to stream live video directly to your YouTube account and will work over 3G/4G or wi-fi. The Irish Examiner got to see it working in a live demo over 4G and was impressed at how easy it is to do as well as the quality of the live feed on YouTube.

You can send a link to the live feed to people in your contacts who in turn simple click on the link which opens up in YouTube. The video can be saved on the Edge+ but will also be available to watch later on YouTube.

Gary Twohig, director of Samsung Electronics, said the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is Samsung’s hero large-screen phone. The key reason that people will want to buy it is because it is a beautiful, premium quality phone with a quad-HD Super AMOLED display, housed in an aluminium 7000 grade uni-body design and protected by Gorilla Glass 4, he said. Customers are now ready for the large screen phone and are no longer embarrassed to hold a bigger device, Samsung are more focused on premium than even before, Mr Twohig added.

The Galaxy Tab S2 will come in two sizes, a larger 24.6cm, which is the same size as the iPad Air 2, while the smaller 8-inch Tab S2 is just a tad larger than the 20cm iPad Mini 3. Both devices will come in 32GB and 64GB configurations, offer optional 3G/4G connectivity and run on the latest Android 5.11 software.

What really is amazing about these devices is just how thin they are at just 5.6mm.


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