Quirky World: Vietnam War veteran goes out with a bang

Dolly the cat was found stowed away on a luxury motor cruiser.

Some of the stranger stories from around the world


A Vietnam War veteran literally went out with a bang on Saturday, the St. George Spectrum newspaper reports.

The son of Walter ‘Jim’ Hosey of LaVerkin, Utah, loaded a total of 50 shotgun shells with his father’s ashes and fired them off at the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park in Hurricane with the help of relatives and friends. His son, Clint Hosey, says: “I think he got a kick out of that.”

Walter Hosey, who often visited the sports park, died on January 2.

Spilsbury funeral director Mark Heiner called the firing of the shells “a fitting tribute to the way he lived”.

Heiner told the Spectrum that he has read about funeral ashes being loaded into shells for memorial shooting, but it’s the first instance he knows of in Utah.

Festive snack


Zoo elephants in Berlin have enjoyed a light festive snack: A late delivery of Christmas trees.

The new year feeding of unsold pine trees has become an annual event. The trees are certified as pesticide-free and are “a good supplement to the food the elephants get during winter time”, said zookeeper Mario Hammerschmidt.

The elephants also used the greenery to scratch themselves after keepers put them in the enclosure. But with snow on the ground and temperatures below freezing at the Tierpark, one of two zoos in the German capital, the feast did not last long.

Near capacity


Counters at England’s biggest grey seal breeding site say it may have reached capacity leading to the creation of new colonies further down the coast.

Breeding season at Blakeney Point in North Norfolk is nearing its end with the latest tally recording 2,343 grey seals at the remote beach.

This is slightly down from the 2,426 counted last year, when it became the largest site of its kind in England. National Trust coastal ranger Ajay Tegala said this plateau could mean the seals have decided the site is now too heavily populated and are travelling further to breed and give birth.

Spend a penny


A Pennsylvania company that publishes business newsletters will pay about $1.75m (€1.6m) to thousands of employees who had to clock out while going on short breaks, including for the toilet.

The US department of labour filed a lawsuit in November 2012, claiming Malvern-based company American Future Systems violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act because employees were not earning the minimum wage — $7.25 per hour — when the company required them to clock out for breaks. The bill includes back pay and damages to 6,000 employees who worked at offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio between July 2009 and July 2013. A federal judge has asked the department of labour and the company to submit proposals on how to manage the payment process, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Feline stowaway


A runaway cat with a taste for the high life has been found after she stowed away on a luxury motor cruiser.

Dolly, a black-and-white rescue cat, disappeared from her home in Cowes, Isle of Wight, about five weeks ago, leaving owner Debs Murphy-Latham worried for her safety.

Now Ms Murphy-Latham has received a phone call from the owner of the luxury boat, from Poole, Dorset, saying they had found the three-year-old cat, who was identified by her identity microchip. She said Dolly must have jumped aboard the luxury boat owned by the finders when it was moored up at Cowes and enjoyed life on board until the finders returned to Poole.


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