QUIRKY WORLD ... Texan woman’s drawl turns British after jaw operation

A Texas woman who underwent surgery on her jaw now speaks with a British accent. She has a rare neurological disorder.

Lisa Alamia had the surgery to correct an overbite, but it caused foreign-accent syndrome. The rare condition has affected fewer than 100 people in the last century. Her neurologist has been unable to determine what has caused the condition. Lisa’s family originally thought she was joking. It’s been six months since the surgery.

Colour blind

Scotland: Optical Express asked people in Scotland whether a swatch of a teal-type color was blue or green.

Sixty-four percent of the 1,000 respondents said it was green. Thirty-two percent thought it was blue.

But when the same people were shown the same colour between a pair of distinctly blue swatches, many changed their minds. Ninety percent said it was green.

The results show how “our visual interpretations of the world around us can differ quite sharply,” Optical Express said.

Scotland also was the epicenter for a colour debate last year. A photo of #TheDress, taken ahead of a wedding in February, 2015, became the subject of a heated discussion on social media about whether it was black and blue, or white and gold.

Working it

North Korea: The bright red slogans hang from buses, government buildings, and restaurants and gas stations, urging North Koreans to work harder to make the country’s 200-day ‘speed campaign’ a success. “Have you carried out the plan for today?” one poster asks.

It’s the second such drive this year, and while outside economists doubt their effectiveness, they reflect leader Kim Jong Un’s desire to energise the country’s sputtering economy. That goal is fettered by international sanctions against Kim’s nuclear programme.

In a collectivist society, slacking off isn’t taken lightly. “If you look out the window, you won’t see anyone just walking around,” said Chang Sun Ho, the manager of a small shoe factory in Wonsan, a port city on he east coast. “Everyone is working.”

Bear cheek

US: A New Jersey black bear that walks upright on its two hind legs has re-emerged and been captured on video months after its last sighting.

The bipedal bear, nicknamed Pedals, was spotted in the town of Oak Ridge, NJ.com reported on Wednesday. Pedals apparently has an injured leg or paw that doesn’t allow it to walk comfortably on all fours. Prior to the latest video, there had been no reported recent sightings and officials had asked the public for help in locating the bear.

Lawrence Hajna, spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection, said officials expect the bear to make it through next winter. “The bear has an indomitable spirit,” Hajna said.

The bear first gained fame after it was spotted ambling around neighbourhoods and was caught on videos that were posted on social media and shown on national television.

Later, alligator

US: The trapper who captured an alligator that was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean a few yards off a Georgia beach says the reptile has been killed and its head will be mounted.

Authorities temporarily closed beaches on Tybee Island, as they watched the seven-foot gator just offshore on Friday. They said it was highly unusual for an alligator to cause alarm at the beach, since they’re typically found in fresh water.

The gator was eventually reeled onto the beach by the trapper, Jack Douglas.

It was too dangerous to release it elsewhere.


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