QUIRKY WORLD ... Testing time for students as social media blocked to prevent posting of exam papers

ALGERIA: Authorities have temporarily blocked access to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to try to stop cheats posting high school exam papers online.

Tens of thousands of students were retaking part of their baccalaureate exams after details were shared over social media.

“The cut in social media is directly related to the partial baccalaureate exams that are taking place on Sunday,” said an official source.

“This is to protect students from the publication of false papers for these exams.”

Access to the internet through the 3G mobile network also appeared to be disrupted yesterday.

Earlier this month, authorities said police arrested dozens of people, including officials working in national education offices and printers, as part of an investigation into how parts of the 2016 high school exams were leaked onto social media.

Hooked on Sanders


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders didn’t make it to the Washington Democratic Convention, but a crochet version of him did.

Donna Burdick, a delegate from Everett, crafted the life-sized upper body of Sanders, complete with tie and eyeglasses, shortly after the caucuses earlier this year. The final touches — his teeth and a bird on his shoulder — were added on the first day of the convention.

She said she brought him because Sanders is “always by my side”.

“He represents everything I represent,” she said. “He can’t be at our convention today, so I thought I’d bring him and raise awareness about Bernie.”

Sanders won the Washington state caucuses in March.

Shooting from the lip


A judge has upheld the suspension of a Maryland school pupil who chewed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun and pretended to shoot classmates.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Ronald Silkworth ruled that the school system could reasonably consider the seven-year-old boy’s actions disruptive and a two-day suspension was appropriate.

Reports said that in March 2013 the Brooklyn Park pupil nibbled his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun and exclaimed: “Look, I made a gun!” The incident happened less than three months after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Better birthday


A Massachusetts woman’s plea for people to send cards to her autistic cousin has resulted in a flood of more than 10,000 greetings from strangers.

Rebecca Guildford posted a picture to Facebook of her cousin Hallee Sorenson, 18, of Bangor, Maine, sitting alone in a bowling alley last year for a birthday party she said no-one attended.

Ms Guildford asked for people to make Ms Sorenson’s 19th birthday memorable by sending her cards. The post was shared more than 200,000 times.

Ms Guildford said the response has been uplifting and overwhelming.

Getting clean away

USA: A fawn trying to make a clean getaway after it got caught in fencing, ended up in the bathtub of a Colorado home.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said a man freed the animal from fencing outside his home in Evergreen. Instead of returning to nature, it ran through an open door in his house and into the bathroom. He told officers he put it in the bath before calling for help. The sheriff’s office said officers put the fawn in a blanket, carried it outside, and set it free away from the fences.

Cash-flow problem


It was raining money in Providence after three bags of cash fell off an armoured truck and a car drove over them, bursting two of the bags open.

The incident occurred when the Brink’s armoured truck was pulling into the main entrance of Rhode Island Hospital.

The Brink’s crew tried to catch the flying notes but weren’t able to get them all. It was reported they were missing in excess of $20,000 (€17,700).

Wife-saving skills


A new bride didn’t let her white gown stop her from reviving a woman who was unconscious on a bench in Pittsburgh.

Julie Stroyne, a trauma nurse, was walking in downtown Pittsburgh after her wedding reception when she and others from her wedding party saw the ailing woman.

Her sister Kaitlyn Stroyne said the woman had no pulse. She says Stroyne kicked off her heels, got down on her knees, and began performing CPR on her while others called 911.

Everyone said “the bride saved the day,” she added.


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