QUIRKY WORLD ... Spy star’s game thrown off by buses in the background

ENGLAND: Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington’s attempts to film a movie in a London street were thwarted when a bus with a picture of him on it appeared behind him during a scene.

The star, who plays Jon Snow in the fantasy drama, had been filming spy drama Spooks: The Greater Good.

He told Graham Norton on his BBC1 chat show: “I was doing a scene and they called ‘cut’, which was odd as it was going so well. But then I looked behind me and a bus goes past with my face on it. I had a movie coming out called Pompeii and there I am in a gladiator outfit and all bare-chested and 10ft high on a bus.”


Bear necessity

USA: A man in California said he punched a trespassing bear on the snout to send it fleeing from his property.

Carl Moore, 75,said he acted on his boxer instincts when the animal rose up on two legs and turned toward him and his two dogs outside his Meadow Vista home.

Moore said he boxed competitively in his youth and also had his fair share of fights as a bouncer. The encounter was witnessed by two friends and employees of Moore, who were in his house when he met the bear.


Couldn’t cope

SCOTLAND: Homes are being sought for a litter of pet degus abandoned by their owner.

The 18 chinchilla-type rodents were left inside a box in a garden in the Hutchison area of Edinburgh. They were found by a member of the public, with a note from the owner saying they could no longer cope with them.

The animals are now in the care of the Scottish SPCA’s rescue centre in Balerno. Assistant manager Kenny Sharpe said: “We are now looking for homes for the degus. They are active, intelligent, and sociable creatures that enjoy living in pairs or small groups.”


Easy money

USA: A plastic bag containing $63,000 (€56,0000) in mouldy bills has been found at a Pennsylvania state park.

Police say the discovery was made on Saturday by a park visitor in Bald Eagle State Park, 150km northwest of the capital, Harrisburg.

Police say paperwork found near the money apparently lists the name of the woman it belongs to and other information they say will help them identify her.

Authorities say a woman reported the money missing nearly a year ago but lives out of state and didn’t leave any contact information.


Everyone’s business

ENGLAND: Wildlife TV presenters are urging the public to take part in this year’s Great British Bee Count to help chart how wild bees are faring in the UK.

They are also encouraging householders to take easy steps to make their gardens more ‘bee-friendly’ as part of efforts to reverse declines in bees, which conservationists say are under threat from loss of habitat, pesticide use, and climate change.

Presenters Steve Backshall, Michaela Strachan, and Miranda Krestovnikoff urged people to count bees for the Great British Bee Count, which is organised by Friends of the Earth, Buglife, and Waitrose. The data will be used by experts investigating the plight of bees.


When the chips are down

USA: A Yorkshire terrier picked up as a stray in Iowa is heading back to the Louisiana home he was stolen from three years ago.

Sam was found on April 14 and Cedar Rapids city animal control officers were able to contact his owners in the New Orleans suburb of Bridge City thanks to a microchip implant.

The dog was a gift to a five-year-old girl about 10 years ago and was taken from the family’s garden three years ago. Sam was given veterinary care in Cedar Rapids, and United Airlines provided transportation for an animal control worker to escort him to New Orleans.



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