Quirky World ... Snaky stuff as man is set to be eaten alive by anaconda



A naturalist who created a snake-proof suit will allow himself to be swallowed alive by an anaconda for an upcoming television special.

In Eaten Alive, filmmaker Paul Rosolie intends to don the bulky suit and then willingly feed himself to the Amazonian serpent, the largest of which can measure 30ft long.

The Discovery Channel special has already drawn the ire of animal lovers who call the stunt an act of “animal abuse to the highest degree”.




A western New York homeowner says she awoke to find an unwelcome visitor in her living room — a deer.

Wyoming County sheriff deputy Matthew Sage responded to the homeowner’s call in Strykersville. He said the young buck had crashed through a window and was standing near a couch when he arrived at the property.

Before the police officer could get inside the house, the deer jumped out through another window and trotted off into the woods.




Three newborn kittens have been rescued by firefighters after getting stuck down a drain.

It is thought that the two black-and-white kittens and one tabby, pictured below, fell down a 10cm hole almost immediately after their mother gave birth to them.

Firefighters were called to St John’s Avenue in Braintree, Essex, and managed to free them by smashing up the concrete ground. The RSPCA said the animals were found sitting freezing in cold sludge and may not have survived much longer.




If you get caught short on Amsterdam’s historic Dam Square, the Dutch government has a message for you: Don’t pee on the palace.

The stately Royal Palace is not just a working palace for the Dutch royal family; its sheltered arches are also a favoured spot for public urination. After a multimillion-euro renovation ended in late 2011, people began urinating against the palace’s sandstone facade. That prompted authorities to put up a fence.

But the Interior Ministry has called the fence “unworthy” of the historic location. It is now installing lights and movement sensors to deter people from relieving themselves. The government warns that peeing in public is punishable by a €140 fine.




The Supreme Court appears sympathetic to a Florida fisherman who says the government went overboard in prosecuting him for throwing undersized grouper off his boat.

But the justices seemed to struggle over how to limit the reach of a law meant to tackle corporate fraud in the wake of the Enron accounting scandal — not to dole out punishment over a few missing fish.

The justices heard arguments in the case of John Yates, a fishing boat captain who claims he was wrongly convicted of destroying evidence — namely,the fish — that were under the legal minimum catch size.

Critics have derided the case as an example of government overreach.


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