QUIRKY WORLD ... Seeing double: Identical twins have twins (again)

USA: Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall know a thing or two about twins. The two women are identical twins who already each have one set of twins. Now, they are getting ready to each have a second set of twins next spring.

“To have twins twice is incredible,” Wall said.

The Lindon, Utah, women both had their first set of fraternal twins after using in vitro fertilisation after they struggled to get pregnant. This summer, both found out they are having twins again. They are both due two weeks apart next spring.

It marked the latest sign the two women are destined to live similar lives. They are both teachers at the same school, and they married best friends.

Their first sets of twins are similar in age, as well. Bunker’s twins, Kole and Hallie, are three year old. Wall’s twins, Madison and McKell, are four year old.

Bunker and Wall say they see similarities in how their twins interact and how they get along, including how they are protective of each other.

One difference between Bunker and Wall and their own twins is that they probably won’t have to worry about people not being able to distinguish between them. Since they are fraternal twins, they look more like siblings than identical twins.

Bunker and Wall, on the other hand, still get people confused. They said the principal at Timpanogos Academy where they teach couldn’t tell them apart when they first started working there.

Cheap wheels

SPAIN: Spanish police say they’ve recovered a prized bicycle belonging to an international racing team taking part in the Spanish Vuelta cycling race after finding it on sale in a secondhand store for a ridiculously low price.

Officers in Malaga recovered the specially-constructed cycle, seeing it marked at €120 when its exceptional technical characteristics should have placed its value at around €12,000, a statement says.

The bicycle had not yet been reported stolen because teams competing in the three-week Grand Tour had not yet had time to call the police.

However, investigators identified the machine as belonging to the Australian team Orica Greenedge.

The cycle was returned to its rightful owners.

The police said a Malaga resident “with a long police record” had sold the bicycle to the shop along with another one also on display.

“We are going to offer a jersey with stripes on to the person who stole the Orica Greenedge bike,” police said on their official Twitter account. “His race ends in jail.”

Race leaders are traditionally given a red jersey to wear.

Big bird on the loose

QUIRKY WORLD ... Seeing double: Identical twins have twins (again)

USA: Police are warning a New Hampshire town to watch out for an emu on the loose.

Bow police say several people have reported seeing an emu wandering. They say they don’t know where the bird belongs.

Sgt. Art Merrigan says the department has checked with emu owners and haven’t found any of the animals to be missing. He says his department is not equipped to catch the emu and a wildlife rehabilitator has been called to assist.

Merrigan says the emu is not dangerous.

Bow Police Department dispatch supervisor Tricia Currier says police think the bird may have escaped from a farm. She says they are hoping to track down its owner.

Stowaway kitten

ENGLAND: A kitten has been found hundreds of miles away from home after it stowed away on a lorry which arrived in the UK by ferry.

The tabby, who has been given the name Paella, was spotted by border officials during a routine search of the Spanish HGV as it arrived at Portsmouth International Port, Hampshire.

When the youngster was found, vets were not sure if it would survive but it is now recovering and will remain in quarantine until November when a local home will be found for it by the Cats Protection charity.

Steve Bell, environmental health team leader at Portsmouth City Council, said: “Paella was found cowering in the back of the HGV. We can only assume he had been with his mother and siblings and they took shelter in the back of the lorry at some stage.

“Maybe he was the runt of the litter, and when the rest got scared off by the lorry being loaded, he got left behind. It’s a pretty unusual thing to happen. We hope he’ll soon find a home.”

Zahir White, from Cats Protection, said: “He was quite poorly, but after being given antibiotics and eye drops for an eye infection, he’s making good progress. Once he’s fully recovered and past his quarantine period, he’ll be taken in by one of our nearby branches or centres and found a new home.

“Cats Protection is paying for his quarantine and vet costs, which are likely to reach around £1,300 (€1,700), so we’d be grateful for any donations towards this.”


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