Quirky World ... School chief says schoolgirls should be taught to tease

ROMANIA: A Romanian education ministry official has resigned after saying that schools should teach young women how to walk provocatively.

At a press conference, Vasile Salaru said schools should teach female students how to walk wearing high heels, to dance the tango, to be a good host, and to walk enticingly in public. He said girls should walk with “chest out, bottom out, let the boys faint!”.

Several student organisations protested his comments and called for his resignation. They also reported him to the National Anti-Discrimination Council.

Big in the squash club

USA: Ron Wallace has become the rock star of giant-pumpkin-growing, breaking the North American record with a 1,010kg monster squash. He was the first person in the world to break the one-ton (2,000lb, or 907kg) barrier, when he grew a 2,009lb pumpkin in 2012, and he previously broke the world record in 2006. But his latest is the second-biggest pumpkin ever grown and the largest grown worldwide this year.

Country club manager Mr Wallace, of Coventry, Rhode Island, works up to 40 hours a week, year-round, on his hobby.

Dog has his day

ENGLAND: A whippet almost died from organ failure after he wolfed down ecstasy tablets. Blue was enjoying a walk with his elderly owner, when he sniffed out a bag of heart-shaped pills and started eating them from a plastic bag. The horrified owner, frightened that a child might find the pills, took the bag and his 17-month-old dog home. Before long, Blue started foaming at the mouth. The owner contacted the PDSA charity and Blue was rushed to the Pet Hospital in Bradford, where he was treated.

Toilet brush cleans up

SCOTLAND: An inventor has raised £20,000 in 10 days to fund a new toilet brush that will “revolutionise a chore that we all love to hate”.

Garry Stewart, from Dunfermline, Fife, said the toilet brush has eight silicon blades and germ-killing chemicals to replace the traditional bristle brush. He said the LooBlade will make cleaning quicker and more hygienic, and he came up with the idea after his young child used a toilet brush as a hair brush. The 52-year-old raised the money on crowd- funding site, Kickstarter.

Legal settlement brewing

USA: A settlement is brewing in a lawsuit that would give cash to drinkers of US-brewed Beck’s beer, over misleading packaging that emphasised its German origins.

A judge is to consider approving the settlement. It could mean up to $50 for each household with proof of Beck’s purchases and $12 for those without receipts. Claims can be filed at becksbeersettlement.com.

Beck’s was brewed in Bremen, Germany, for 100 years, before its 2002 purchase by the company now known as Anheuser-Busch InBev. Although the beer has been made in St Louis, Missouri, beginning in 2012, the lawsuit contended that US connections were downplayed in packaging that continued to boost links to Germany.

Lawyers say consumers were unfairly charged import prices for a US beer.

Piercing rituals

THAILAND: Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival is more than sprouts and tofu — it is an assault on the senses, and, for the most devout, on the body itself.

The most striking element of the nine-day Taoist celebration has little to do with food. In sacred rituals, devotees known as ‘Mah Song’, or ‘Spirit Horses’, work themselves into trances to have all manner of items pierced through their cheeks, from daggers and swords to a bicycle. Then they dance.


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