Quirky World ...Robber holds up bank branch... again

USA: A 24-year-old man who a month after being released from prison for a bank robbery held up the same bank and teller has been sentenced to more than 10 years behind bars.

Joshua James Driskell was arrested for robbing a Key Bank branch in Bremerton, Washington in October. He had just completed his prison sentence for the 2010 robbery.

The Kitsap Sun says court documents show Driskell went into the bank on October 23 and gave the teller a note demanding $10,000 (€7,400). A detective recognised him from security footage, and the teller gave police a partial license plate number of the getaway vehicle.

Driskell told police he spent some of the $2,000 he got from the robbery on marijuana. He was sentenced last week to 129 months in prison.

ENGLAND: Children as young as three recognise “cute” features that encourage care-giving in adults, a study has found.

Even before they start school, children rate puppies, kittens, and babies as “cuter” than their adult counterparts. Cuteness is wrapped up in what psychologists call “baby schema” — a set of infantile features such as a round face, high forehead, big eyes, and a small nose and mouth.

Marta Borgi, from the University of Lincoln, who led the research, said: “We already knew that adults experience this baby schema effect, finding babies with more infantile features cuter. Our results provide the first rigorous demonstration that a visual preference for these traits emerges very early during development.”

ENGLAND: The only British prime minister to be assassinated has been remembered as parliament revived the spot near where he was shot.

Spencer Perceval is said to have uttered “Oh, I have been murdered” after he was gunned down by John Bellingham on May 11, 1812, in the lobby of the House of Commons while on his way to attend an inquiry into the recent Luddite riots.

Four patterned floor tiles thought to mark where Perceval fell were removed by workmen during recent renovations, leaving the historic event unmarked in the Palace of Westminster. In another quirk of parliamentary history, North West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham is a descendant of the assassin. And House of Commons speaker John Bercow insisted no grudges were held against Mr Bellingham as he helped unveil a new plaque in St Stephen’s Hall, near to the location thought to mark the spot of the assassination.

ENGLAND: Instances of illegal stopping on motorway hard shoulders include people picking flowers, renewing their insurance, and even trying to sell their car.

One motorist pulled over after seeing “Fire” on his dashboard display. It turned out to be the name of an Adele track he was listening to. On another occasion, traffic officers found two cars on the hard shoulder, with the owners halfway through the selling and buying process for one of the cars.

The list, from the Highways Agency, of bizarre reasons for stopping also included the case of a couple who, when asked if they had broken down, replied they were taking pictures of their newborn grandchild in their open-top car as it was “a lovely day”.

USA: A New York pilot has experienced déjà phew.

The pilot, who made an emergency landing on July 10 in the middle of a Long Island highway, did the exact same thing last Friday in almost exactly the same place.

Police say a single-engine Challenger plane landed on the eastbound lanes of Sunrise Highway because of engine trouble.


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