QUIRKY WORLD ... Portly politician stuck in tank ‘threatens to shoot’

RUSSIA: A portly politician who somehow managed to get himself stuck inside a tank reportedly threatened to shoot bystanders who were standing around watching.

State Duma deputy Igor Zotov managed to get himself wedged into the armoured personnel carrier after he got in.

He had been attending the Russian Arms Expo at the time and a crowd of people started to gather around him while he tried to escape.

Zotov was said to be stuck inside for five hours, and eyewitnesses claimed he “threatened to shoot them all” if he couldn’t get out.

Expo organiser Alexander Pisarevsky claimed: “Deputy Zotov, because of his large body, just hesitated when getting out of the tank and he sat there for five hours.”

He was said to have eventually been freed by security and the Emergency Situations Ministry.

However, Zotov denied the reports that he got stuck inside the tank.

He told the Russian News Service: “This is complete nonsense. Yes, I climbed into the BMP-3, sat on the driver’s seat, and got out of it again. Yes, I am tall and portly, but I have never got stuck in a tank anywhere.”

Biscuit blunder

USA: Police in Pennsylvania say a repeat shoplifter has been caught with his pants up — but full of raspberry cookies.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Portly politician stuck in tank ‘threatens to shoot’

The Altoona Mirror reports 47-year-old James Kaylor faces a preliminary hearing on September 23, based on his most recent arrest.

Kaylor, who has six previous retail theft arrests and four convictions, was checking out at Martins Food Store in Altoona when a clerk told police Kaylor had shoved something down his pants on September 5.

Police say they confronted Kaylor after he paid for his other items but not the $3.49 (€3.09) box of raspberry biscuits.

Altoona police say Kaylor acknowledged the theft was a stupid thing to do.

The new charge is a felony — despite the small value of the biscuits — because of Kaylor’s criminal record.

Ring found after 40 years

USA: An Oklahoma man has been reunited with the wedding ring he dropped in a New York lake nearly 40 years ago.

Jane and Jim Flynn honeymooned on Lake George in the Adirondacks after getting married in 1960. They returned to the upstate lake for summer holidays every year until 1976, when they bought property in Bolton, on the lake’s western shore.

Soon afterward, Flynn lost his wedding ring in the lake.

A woman from Seattle who holidays every August on property next door to the Flynns’ spotted the gold ring underwater along the shore. It had the date ‘2-6-60’ engraved inside.

She gave it to a year-round resident who learned it belonged to Flynn, who now lives in Tulsa.

Goats attack hikers

USA: The US Forest Service has temporarily closed a northern Idaho hiking trail over concerns about aggressive mountain goats after one animal bit a hiker and others reportedly tried to head-butt or charge visitors.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Portly politician stuck in tank ‘threatens to shoot’

Scotchman Peak Trail, which leads to the summit of Bonner County’s tallest mountain, was closed to visitors. They have been offering food to the goats or even allowing them to eat from their hands, according to the Forest Service. That can cause the animals to behave aggressively in an attempt to get food from humans.

“The temporary closure is intended to allow time for the goats to find other sources of food beyond handouts provided by hikers and to reduce their willingness to approach humans,” Idaho Panhandle National Forests spokesman Jason Kirchner said.

There have been reports of goats trying to head-butt or charge hikers. One hiker was bitten by a goat in June and required multiple stitches, the Forest Service said.

Reports of charging goats have raised concerns that someone could be gored. A hiker died from injuries after being gored in 2010 in Olympia National Park in Washington.

In a guest opinion published by the Daily Bee newspaper last year, former fish and game biologist Mary Terra-Berns said it is risky for hikers to feed goats or allow them to satisfy salt cravings by licking human skin. “Feeding wild animals is dangerous and selfish behaviour. It not only puts the individual providing the food in danger, it also puts everyone else in danger,” Terra-Berns wrote. “Feeding creates an expectation of salt or food from anyone that hikes to the top of the peak.”

Melon maniacs

USA: Police say vandals have been lobbing watermelons in Reno .

Sunday night’s vandalism happened in Angelique Ybarra’s north-west Reno neighbourhood.

A watermelon dented the side of her car in July, and she says this new attack shattered glass and splattered fruit throughout her vehicle. The incidents have cost her almost $1,000 (€887). Several other cars were also hit by the melons.


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