QUIRKY WORLD ... Parrot could be key witness in case of fatal shooting

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USA: A parrot called Bud could be a key witness in the fatal shooting of a man in Michigan, his ex-wife believes.

She said the bird repeats the last words said by Martin Duram — but the prosecutor in the case is playing down whether the evidence will stand up in court. Newaygo County prosecutor Robert Springstead said that when a judge asks a witness to raise his or her right hand, “to a parrot, are you raising a wing, a foot?”

Mr Duram, 45, was shot five times in his home in Ensley Township in May 2015. His ex-wife, Christina Keller, now owns Bud, an African grey parrot that has repeated “don’t [expletive] shoot” in her former husband’s voice, she told Wood-TV. No charges have been filed in the case and Mr Duram’s death remains under investigation.

Simply critical


Labour deputy leader Tom Watson sang the opening lines of one of Simply Red’s greatest hits in an apparent reference to the lead singer’s criticism of Jeremy Corbyn.

Mick Hucknall, a long-time Labour supporter, openly criticised current leader Mr Corbyn for a perceived lack of commitment to the party’s EU referendum campaigns ahead of the crucial June 23 vote. He tweeted on Monday: “What a shabby, spineless coward Jeremy Corbyn is proving to be. Either fully commit to #LabourIn OR #LabourLeave or GO! #Brexit,” with chicken emojis hammering the accusation home.

Masters return


Two stolen Old Master paintings recovered after 20 years when their British owner became suspicious have been returned to Italy.

The works, dating from the early 17th century, were taken in separate raids in 1994 — one from former Italian prime minister Emilio Colombo and the other from an accountant.

Two decades later, in December 2014, a Briton who owned the paintings and was storing them near London’s Hatton Garden jewellery quarter but had no connection to the crime, checked a private register and discovered they were stolen.

Team prank


Houston rookie Tyler White was the victim of a prank that left his Range Rover Evoque on the warning track in centre field before a baseball game.

Some of Houston’s veterans, led by ace Dallas Keuchel, orchestrated the prank. Keuchel said: “As long as you don’t take it out of context, it’s all fun and games and it makes you a little bit stronger. So [White] is one of the guys we like and we’ll continue to get on him a little bit and it will make him tougher.”

White was not amused by the incident and fumed as he made the long walk from home plate to the outfield to try to move the car. But he could not find the keys and he soon retreated back to the clubhouse. A clubhouse employee finally moved the SUV, but not before Carlos Gomez hit a ball that crashed on to the top of it. Keuchel said they would pay for any damage the stunt caused.

Scary voiceover


An upstate New York production company’s recording of a man threatening people with a gun sent people scurrying for cover at its office building.

Police said office workers in the City of Newburgh reported hearing the voice in their building. Police Swat teams quickly converged on the scene, surrounding buildings were evacuated and traffic was blocked.

Police discovered one of the office suites housed a production company that was doing voiceovers by playing recordings of a man threatening people with a gun. The staff had left the building before the officers arrived.


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