QUIRKY WORLD ... Man keeps driving despite getting a bullet in the brain

USA:  Police say a 29-year-old man in Philadelphia continued to drive a car after being shot twice in the head.

Philly.com reports that police in the Kensington area of the city pulled over a car that was being driven erratically at around 7pm on Tuesday.

The officers found the driver had been shot in the right forehead and right cheek. He was taken to Temple University Hospital where he is in critical but stable condition.

Police say the man was conscious and speaking, but declined to tell them where the shooting happened.

What’s cooking?

USA: A Rhode Island man has pleaded guilty to cooking meth in his car while driving around Glocester.

The US Attorney’s office says 40-year-old Kevin Lewis pleaded guilty to manufacturing methamphetamine in the boot of his car.

Prosecutors say he was stopped while driving in July by a police officer on a warrant from family court. The officer said he smelled acetone, which is associated with methamphetamine production, and also saw materials that can be used to make the drug.

Prosecutors say authorities then searched the car and found a batch of meth being produced in the boot.

Crasher call


Inspired by the popular film Wedding Crashers, a Florida couple is actually asking strangers to crash their wedding next month.

Lee County sheriff’s deputy Paul Johnson and Shelly Osterhout say the more the merrier. They’re hosting the October 10 wedding at an outdoor shopping plaza. The couple, who met online, are promising an unforgettable surprise. They’re planning for up to 1,600 people.

The Fort Myers News-Press reports the couple say they’re looking forward to the surprise of seeing who attends, both new friends and old ones.

Post marked


The Royal Mail is threatening to close a post box for “health and safety” reasons — as dogs keeps urinating on it.

A large sign has been fixed to the red postbox outside the Co-Op store in Queen Square, Penzance, Cornwall stating that dogs repeatedly weeing on it poses a “significant health and safety risk”.

If dogs persist to cock their legs on the postbox, then the Royal Mail will have “no choice” but to close the box permanently to “preserve the health and safety of our staff”, the sign advises.

The Royal Mail said some of the dog urine was soiling mail inside the postbox because it was seeping through the hinges on the door.

Corbyn collared


Jeremy Corbyn has admitted borrowing a tie for his big conference speech after his team said it should be a different shade of red.

The Labour leader revealed the late wardrobe change on Sky News while promoting his leader’s address to conference in Brighton.

Mr Corbyn has faced some criticism for the way he dresses as he appears often without a tie and was photographed behind the scenes of the conference wearing socks and sandals.

Tomb raiders


Chinese authorities say three men died when they suffocated while trying to rob an ancient tomb in the central province of Henan, known for its many relic-laden graves.

Yiyang county police said that five villagers had entered a chamber of the tomb near their village of Chengjiao when three of them fainted from a lack of air. They say the other two men called for help, but attempts to rescue the three failed.

Police say one more man fainted during the rescue but was resuscitated, while the fifth tomb raider fled. They did not say what caused the lack of air. Known as a cradle of Chinese civilisation, Henan is famous for relics buried under its villages.


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