Quirky World ... Man gets trio of huskies to help him move house

ENGLAND: Dog owner Keath Armstrong put his trio of huskies to work — using them to help him move house.

The dogs pulled a sled, filled with Amstrong’s belongings, some 349km from his old flat in Manchester to his new home in Dorset. He walked alongside Sakari, Nukka, and Nala helping to raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

He said: “Walking won’t be a problem for them — they need plenty of exercise and we’ve been in training by doing the Wainwright walks in the Cumbrian fells.”

USA: They sent a creepy feeling through several California families, but authorities say the person who left porcelain dolls on doorsteps didn’t mean any harm.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said someone had left the dolls wearing nightgowns and lace dresses at as many as eight homes in a San Clemente neighbourhood this week.

The families were worried because they felt each doll resembled a young girl who lived in the house, setting off an investigation and call for public help in finding who had placed them.

The sheriff’s department later said it found the person responsible and the intent had been goodwill.

USA: An Alabama man who went in to a hospital last month for a circumcision awoke after surgery to find his penis had been amputated.

Johnny Lee Banks Jr, 56, said in a lawsuit that no one at the Princeton Baptist Medical Centre in Birmingham, Alabama, had told him why it had been necessary to remove his penis.

“My client is devastated,” said Banks’ attorney John Graves.

Banks is married and does not work due to a disability.

A spokeswoman for the hospital’s parent company said in a statement that Banks’ allegations were without merit. “We intend to defend all counts aggressively,” said a spokeswoman for Baptist Health System.

ENGLAND: A comedy club has apologised after maggots from a dead pigeon fell out of the air conditioning unit and on to members of the audience during a show.

People took to TripAdvisor to voice their complaints after the incident during the Jongleurs Comedy Club night being held at Oceana in Nottingham. The dead bird was found in the air conditioning unit.

The club’s operators apologised but said they did not receive any complaints on the night.

GERMANY: Emergency officials who were checking out a suspected gas leak in Germany found a culprit they did not expect: A fridge full of rotting food.

Police in the central city of Braunschweig said an apartment block was evacuated after the fire service was alerted to the smell of gas by a resident.

They then searched for the source and traced it to a fridge in the apartment of the 35-year-old woman who had alerted authorities. It was not plugged in and was full of rotting food. Residents were allowed back into their apartments after half an hour.

USA: A retired dairy and chicken farmer has been tracking daily weather readings since Herbert Hoover was in the White House, and will now get a special honour from the National Weather Service.

The federal agency is naming its 80-year service award in honour of Richard Hendrickson, of eastern Long Island. He has actually been doing the volunteer job for 84 years — longer than anyone in history.

The 101-year-old is estimated to have collected 150,000 observations for the Weather Service. He started collecting data in 1930 when he was 18.

Meteorologists say the information Hendrickson has collected over the decades is invaluable for researching climate change and other factors.


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