QUIRKY WORLD ... Live grenade explodes in court after judge asked officer how it works

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PAKISTAN: Three people were injured in an explosion in a Pakistan court after the judge asked a police officer to explain how a grenade works.

Instead of describing how the weapon works, the constable produced a live grenade and pulled out the pin, resulting in a “loud explosion”.

Pakistan Daily reported that the constable and court clerk were among the injured in the blast at Kara-chi’s Anti-Terrorism Court. They were taken to a nearby hospital for first aid, but are expected to recover.

Pressure point


A prank caller tricked workers at a Minnesota Burger King into smashing the windows of the restaurant to keep it from exploding, police said.

Employees at the restaurant in the Minneapolis suburb of Coon Rapids got the call from someone claiming to be with the fire department. The caller said the restaurant could explode, so they needed to relieve the pressure. The manager and other employees believed the caller and smashed all the windows on the ground floor.

Sgt Rick Boone said: “The manager explained they’d received a phone call from a male who identified himself as a fireman who said there were dangerous levels of gas in the building and they had to break out all the windows to keep the building from blowing up.”

Under cover


Cotton drawers worn by Queen Victoria’s mother and a sheer dress worn by Kate Moss are among the items going on display in a new exhibition which explores the history of underwear.

The show, ‘Undressed: A Brief History Of Underwear’, is being hosted at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The range of items on display will help to narrate the story of underwear design from as early as the 18th century through to the present day.

The 200 examples of underwear on show feature garments worn by men and women, and include everything from a pair of home-made whalebone “stays” worn in the 18th century, to luxury lingerie garments from designers such as Stella McCartney.

Pet rescue


Firefighters have rescued a kitten that was trapped inside the wall of a South Florida home, bringing an end to a family’s confusion about where a certain meowing sound was coming from.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles says several firefighters safely removed the small gray kitten after cutting a hole through the wall in the Deerfield Beach family’s living room. The kitten didn’t appear to be injured.

It’s unclear how the feline became trapped. Jachles says a neighbourhood cat must have had a litter in the home’s attic, with the kitten then somehow falling down into the wall.

The Miami Herald reports that the family adopted the kitten and named it Hugo, after one of the firefighter’s who rescued it.

Decor disaster


The 1970s has been voted the worst decade for home decor in a survey.

The era of avocado bathrooms, lava lamps, woodchip wallpaper, and shagpile rugs got the thumbs-down from 43% of people polled for Nationwide Credit Cards.

The 1980s, with its textured ceilings, frills and floral designs came out second worst in the study among 2,000 people, with one in six (16%) voting for it.

The 1990s, when shows such as Changing Rooms inspired people to have a go at stencilling and rag-rolling, attracted the lowest percentage of votes, with just 3% of people voting it the worst decor decade. The 1950s and the 2000s attracted 6% of votes each.

Reporting live


When a man barricaded himself in a garage after a stolen-car chase in an upscale Los Angeles neighbourhood, a Twitter executive who lives there live-tweeted the scene.

“Guys I picked a really bad night to fly back from Africa and take an ambien before bed,” wrote Nathan Hubbard, who oversees global media and commerce at Twitter.

The pursuit started about 2am on Monday and ended soon when the car crashed into a parked car and the driver got out, fired shots and ran into the garage. No one was injured.

Hubbard sent more than a dozen tweets about the scene through its conclusion six hours later.

He also broadcast parts of the scene.

At one point, his video showed a man running in front of his house during the incident that he assumed was the suspect. But when the actual suspect emerged, it was a different man. His final tweet read: “now the real question: Who was the guy in the white shirt running in front of my house?”


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