QUIRKY WORLD ... It’s a dog’s life browsing on the internet

ENGLAND: Britons spend more time on dog-related websites than any other animal, racking up 71% more impressions than cat-related sites, according to a study.

Research released for 2016 National Pet Month by Rocket Fuel, a marketing platform provider, found cat sites have seen the highest growth in the past year, with a 563% growth in hits compared with a 192% increase for dog lovers.

The research also reveals that while dog lovers are more concerned with shopping and finance, cat lovers are more focused on travel and entertainment.

Debated duck

ENGLAND: A statue of a famous locomotive designer has been unveiled without a controversial duck.

The bronze sculpture of rail engineer Nigel Gresley was originally due to feature a duck next to the eminent engineer because he designed the Mallard locomotive. But the bird was missing when the statue was unveiled at London King’s Cross station on the 75th anniversary of Gresley’s death because his family, and others, were not keen on its inclusion.

Where cats are king

USA: It started with a few kittens. But nearly a quarter of a century later, a California woman has transformed her 4,000sq ft home into what is believed to be the largest no-cage cat sanctuary and adoption centre in the US.

An estimated 24,000 cats have been saved so far by the sanctuary, which houses up to 1,000 felines at any given time.

Lynea Lattanzio set up Cat House On The Kings after finding out that many nearby shelters euthanise cats who are not adopted.

As more feral and abandoned cats took up residence in her home, she moved out into a trailer on her 12-acre property.

Restaurant rat

THAILAND: McDonald’s in Thailand has apologised to customers after a video surfaced online showing a large rat scurrying around a dessert counter at one of its restaurants.

The fast-food giant confirmed in a statement that a rat had rummaged through its restaurant in a shopping mall in the city of Hat Yai in southern Thailand, and blamed the incident on local sewers. The statement said: “We checked security footage and found that the accusation is true. A rat ran into the restaurant.”

Sea lion snarl-up

USA: A wayward sea lion snarled morning traffic on a San Francisco Bay Area freeway before it was caught and taken to a marine centre for a check-up.

California TV station KNTV reported a Sonoma County freeway was completely blocked at 10am as the sea lion tried to make it across the road.

The sea lion evaded an off-duty officer, before experts from the Marine Mammal Centre arrived and caught the critter.

It’s far from the first marine mammal to lose its way in the Bay Area.

Late last month, authorities say a baby seal made it four miles from the water to the front yard of a Bay Area home before it was rescued.

Escaped bull

USA: A bull that escaped from a holding area and darted through the streets of New York City has been captured and taken to greener pastures by Jon Stewart.

Officials told The New York Times the black and white Angus was spotted in Queens. The bull was soon corralled at York College, where students snapped pictures and took videos.

The bull was dubbed Frank Lee after a prisoner who escaped from Alcatraz.

It was later taken to an animal shelter by the former Daily Show comedian and his wife, who are animal advocates.

It’s not the first bovine to hit New York’s streets.

In January, a cow that fled from a slaughterhouse in Queens was taken in by an animal sanctuary and renamed after rock legend Freddie Mercury.

Explosive find

USA: Crews have safely detonated a civil war-era land mine that prompted the evacuation of about 20 homes in Arkansas.

Matt Bell says he was doing excavation work when he dug up what he thought was a cannonball near Danville, which is about 85 miles west of Little Rock.

Bell said that he put the 32-pound land mine in his pickup’s backseat, buckled it in with a seatbelt, and drove 65 miles to his home in Hot Springs.

Bell says he realised it was a land mine after talking with a Civil War historian, so he called the police. Authorities evacuated nearby homes and contacted an Air Force bomb squad, which later detonated the explosive at a local landfill.

Napoleon exhibition

FRANCE: France’s national army museum has recreated the home where Napoleon lived his final years, bringing furniture and belongings from the remote Atlantic Island of St Helena to Paris for the first time since he was exiled there 200 years ago.

The exhibition that opens today offers a flavour of the atmosphere of the damp, rat-infested Longwood House, where the emperor spent his last years as a prisoner of the British government, surrounded by books and souvenirs.


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