Quirky World ... Inking mad: Ukip fanatic has Farage’s face tattooed on arm

ENGLAND: A devoted Ukip supporter who had a picture of Nigel Farage tattooed on her arm has met her “hero”.

Kerrie Webb caused a stir at the party’s autumn conference in Doncaster after supporters spotted her inky tribute to the eurosceptic.

Farage then autographed the image of his face before the pair hugged and laughed as activists cheered.

Ms Webb, 38, from Chesterfield, said the tattoo had taken three hours to complete but insisted it had “not really” hurt. She said she felt a “bit embarrassed” about the prospect of meeting Farage. “But very pleased, of course, because he’s my hero,” she added.

Quirky World ... Inking mad: Ukip fanatic has Farage’s face tattooed on arm

Losing your head

BRAZIL: Scientists have shed light on one of the earliest known discoveries of human decapitation.

The 9,000-year-old head had been excavated by Andre Strauss from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology at the Lapa do Santo site in eastern Brazil and showed signs of violent removal.

The exact reason for the decapitation is unknown, but the head was discovered in what appeared to be a symbolic or spiritual pose suggesting the subject had died and was decapitated as part of a religious ceremony.

First in line

ENGLAND: A customer who had camped out all week was the first to cross the threshold of an Apple Store as the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus went on sale.

Sam Shaikh, from Stratford, was the first to enter the Apple Store in Covent Garden, London, having been outside “since 8.30pm on Monday night”.

Mr Shaikh said he was also the first person in the queue last year when the iPhone 6 launched.

The new iPhone is looking to repeat the success of the record-breaking launch of the iPhone 6 last year.

Smashing pumpkin

USA: Matthew Murraine wants to know who swiped his 100-pound pumpkin.

Murraine has been growing a type of large pumpkin at his home in Spearfish, South Dakota, this summer. Last Friday, someone stole the largest one in a heist Murraine believes was carefully planned.

“They backed right up to the house. That’s pretty brazen,” he told the Black Hills Pioneer. “They brought a saw. You could see on the stem where they had cut.”

The pumpkin grew as much as 2 inches per day, which Murraine said was fascinating “in a nerdy pumpkin grower kind of way”. It still had a month of growing time left and would have reached about 120 pounds, he estimated.

“It dwarfed my daughter, and she is 3,” he said.

During the growing season, the pumpkin required 20 gallons of water every four days and a gallon of milk each week for calcium.

Beer we go

USA: It started out as a lark inspired by the frenzy over Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia: a limited-run beer for the local bars with a playful name and a label showing the pontiff raising a gold-hued goblet of the stuff.

Holy Wooder, a powerful Belgian-style tripel, was already a hit with the downtown happy hour crowd when the seminary hosting Pope Francis called to say it wanted some, too.

The Philadelphia Brewing Company gladly obliged, delivering a half-keg to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary late last week.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia confirmed the order.

“We don’t usually do home deliveries, but we made an exception,” brewery co-owner Bill Barton said.

Francis will sleep at the seminary, located on a pastoral 75 acres, and return there to rest between events. On Sunday, he will greet bishops from around the world and pose for a photograph with seminarians, recreating an image featuring Pope John Paul II in 1979.


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