QUIRKY WORLD ... Humble haggis gets luxury treatment for Burns Night

The world's most expensive haggis, costing £4,000 (€5,700)

SCOTLAND:  The ‘world’s most expensive haggis’ has been created, with wagyu beef, French truffle, and edible gold among the ingredients.

The famous Scottish delicacy is traditionally eaten on Burns Night and is made with lamb heart, lungs, and liver, mixed with oats, onions and spices.

However, butchers Macsween created a £4,000 (€5,700) haggis, containing Highland wagyu beef from hand-reared cattle in Perthshire; white summer truffle from France, tellicherry black pepper from India, which Macsween said can only be grown at over 2,000ft above sea level.

It is sprinkled with edible 24-carat gold.

The 4kg haggis is being made to order and will be presented in a handmade wooden cask. Chefs are awaiting their first commission.

Macsween’s managing director James Macsween said: “Robert Burns’s famous poem transformed the humble haggis into a world icon and this year we wanted to put a luxury twist on the occasion. Good haggis-making is an art and we wanted to highlight this.”

Taxing suggestion


A business owner, who was part of a TV experiment which saw traders in a market town “go offshore” with their taxes, wants to become the next chief executive of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

An alliance of shopkeepers in Crickhowell, Powys, Mid Wales, featured in the BBC 2 show the Town That Took On The Taxman.

HMRC chief executive Dame Lin Homer has announced she is stepping down, and former army officer Steve Lewis, who runs the town’s Number 18 Cafe with his wife Sam, believes he could be her successor and become a self-styled “people’s taxman”.

Rain reigns


Residents of a Welsh village finally dry after 85 days of rain have been warned not to put their umbrellas away just yet, as more rain is on the way.

Residents of Eglwyswrw, near Cardigan, were overjoyed after getting a break in the wet weather that has blighted them since October 26. The village was five days short of beating the British record for the most consecutive days of rainfall, set in Scotland in 1923.

U-boat found


A German U-boat lost for more than 100 years has been uncovered on a seabed off the coast of East Anglia.

The submarine, named the SM U-31, left Germany on January 13 1915, never to return.

Engineers working on a windfarm project east of Norfolk and Suffolk unearthed the wreck about 90km offshore at a depth of about 30 metres.

Snow mobile


An 80-year-old man has been charged after driving a car that was almost completely covered in snow, with only a portion of the windscreen on the driver’s side cleared for vision.

Ontario provincial police said an officer spotted a car resembling a pile of snow on the road in Brussels, Ontario. The man was charged with having an obstructed view.

Police spokesman James Stanley said the man said he was too old and weak to brush it off and that he was just going for a short drive. The officer cleared the snow from the man’s car and let him on his way.

Uniform dance


An arrest warrant has been filed for two men who wore military uniforms and danced in an internet video.

The state-run WAM news agency

described the video as showing “two men donning military uniforms and making outrageous physical movements that did not respect the uniform, the morale and the value of national service”.


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