QUIRKY WORLD ... Five-year-old foots the bill for police officers’ lunch

USA: A five-year-old boy in New Jersey has picked up the lunch bill for his local police department.

William Evertz Jr saved up his pocket money for seven months and went to a Subway restaurant to get sandwiches for officers in Winslow Township, a suburb of Philadelphia. His mother said he told her he wanted the officers to rest so they could protect the town.

Police made the boy an honorary officer and gave him a special shirt and badges. He also got a ride home in a police car with lights and siren.

Dog days

NIGERIA: A man who wrote the name of Nigeria’s president on his dog and paraded the pet in an area where the leader is popular has been charged with breaching the peace.

Police said they arrested Joachim Chinakwe after a neighbour complained that the display in south-western Ogun state was provocative.

Nigerian newspapers quoted Chinakwe as arguing in court that he named his dog because President Muhammadu Buhari is his hero. He was charged with conduct “likely to cause a breach of the peace”. The case was adjourned until September 19.

Street jam

USA: A hip-hop video shoot shut down parts of Route 66 in New Mexico because low-riders were driving around in circles as a crowd of hundreds twerked in the street.

The filming in central Albuquerque triggered a long street party, snarling traffic and confusing motorists amid the neon lights and the city’s historic buildings.

The crew filming hip-hop artist Jandro took advantage of the unexpected, spontaneous party scene by shooting footage of the festivities, videographer Editz Macias said.

“The whole situation just got bigger than what we expected so we went where the footage was,” he added.

Bum wrap

BURKINA FASO: The government of Burkina Faso has banned an annual beauty contest for women with the biggest buttocks, saying such events are sexist.

Adverts for this weekend’s third edition of ‘Miss Bim-Bim’, carrying an image of two fully clothed women with exaggeratedly large behinds, provoked an outcry on social media.

“Our role is to do everything to avoid damaging the image of women,” said Minister Laure Zongo in a statement, adding that social media criticism had persuaded her to act.

The male organizer of the event, Hamado Doambahe, said it aimed to promote a more positive body image for African women and encourage fashion designers to use African costumes.

Drive through

USA: Employees of an Oregon grocery store are cleaning up after a police say a woman drove her SUV into the store and down the aisles.

Springfield police say a 43-year-old Glenwood woman tried to purchase $2,200 of gift cards and became upset when her check bounced and Safeway employees would not complete the transaction.

The Register-Guard reports that she angrily left the store and returned later, just after midnight. Police say she parked in front of the store and was yelling about wanting her gift cards.

Police say the woman then drove the SUV through the store entrance, up and down an aisle, and out the other side of the Safeway.

Police arrested her at her home.

Mind the gap

USA: Crews have rescued a man who became trapped between two buildings in Pittsburgh, reportedly after trying to jump from one rooftop to another to impress a woman he had just met.

Authorities didn’t identify the man, who was freed about 6am — he had been trapped about four hours after falling awkwardly into the narrow, debris-filled space between the buildings.

Police say the man reported an ankle injury; he was bleeding, but waved to TV news cameras as he was wheeled on a gurney to an ambulance.

At one point, crews broke a hole through a restaurant in an unsuccessful effort to reach him. A medic was eventually lowered on a rope to reach the man.

Authorities say the man and woman reached the roof by climbing a fire escape.


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