QUIRKY WORLD... Fine for flouting court dress-code with saggy pants doesn’t hold up


USA: An eastern Pennsylvania judge has dismissed a contempt-of-court citation against a man who was fined $50 (€37) for wearing saggy pants in court.

The Express-Times reports that Lehigh County Common Pleas Judge William Ford dismissed the charge against 18-year-old Adam Dennis of Macungie. 

District Judge Wayne Maura had fined Dennis $50 for his attire at a May hearing.

Defence attorneys appealed, saying a criminal contempt charge was inappropriate in this case. Attorney Kimberly Makoul cited a previous Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that failure to stand when a judge enters doesn’t support a criminal contempt conviction.

Maura’s office door bears a sign directing people to “pull your pants up” and showing a cartoon of three people wearing baggy pants.


USA: Twins born in New York state will share plenty of things in life, but the same birthday is not one of them.

Tammy Muldowney gave birth to her first baby, daughter Kennedy Clare, at the Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo at around 7.30pm on Tuesday. She and her husband Bryan expected the second baby soon afterwards, but it was nearly 12 hours later when son Kellan Michael was born.

The doctor who delivered the babies said it is not uncommon to see twins born up to a couple of hours apart, but 12 hours is rare. Both babies are doing well.


ENGLAND: A four-year-old boy has been praised for calling 999 when his mother had an epileptic seizure.

Brealyn Adams made the call when his mother Kathryn suffered the seizure at their home in Leicestershire, in May.

During the call, the youngster asked for an ambulance before answering the call handler’s questions and following her instructions.

Brealyn has been rewarded for his brave actions by East Midlands Ambulance Service. He was presented with a certificate, a toy ambulance, and a teddy bear at their headquarters, and met call handler Jennie Kirkland.

Brealyn said: “I am really happy to have met Jennie because she helped save my mummy’s life.”


ENGLAND: The average British motorist has owned four cars in the past decade — replacing them as often as they do their mobile phones, according to a survey.

British drivers have owned seven vehicles on average during their life, with four in the last 10 years, the poll of 2,004 adults for Privilege car insurance found. This compares with also owning four mobile phones on average in the past decade.

Privilege head of car insurance Charlotte Fielding said: “People change their mobile phones frequently to ensure they have the latest brands, the most up-to-date designs and technology; it’s no different with cars.”


USA: A group of scientists have named a water mite in Jennifer Lopez’s honour after discovering a new species near Puerto Rico.

They collected the newly named Litarachna lopezae mite from a coral reef in Mona Passage, a body of water that separates Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The species was found at a depth of nearly 230ft (70m), the greatest depth pontarachnid mites have been found until now, according to the study.

The Bronx-born entertainer has Puerto Rican roots, and her music was a hit with the group while they wrote about their findings, biologist Vladimir Pesic said, adding: “J Lo’s songs and videos kept the team in a continuous good mood when writing the manuscript and watching World Cup soccer.”


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