Quirky World ... College scholarships given to girls who stayed virgins

SOUTH AFRICA: A South African mayor has awarded college scholarships to young women for remaining virgins.

Uthukela Mayor Dudu Mazibuko told South African talk radio station 702 that the young women who applied for the scholarships voluntarily stayed virgins and agreed to have regular virginity tests to keep their funding.

Spokesman for the mayor’s office Jabulani Mkhonza said yesterday that 16 women have won the grants.

Mkhonza said Mazibuko introduced the scholarship this year to encourage young women to remain focused on school. Uthukela district in South Africa’s eastern KwaZulu-Natal province awards scholarships to more than 100 promising secondary school and university students from the area each year.

Chairman for the Commission of Gender Equality Mfanozelwe Shozi criticized the scholarship criteria as discriminatory and said they went “too far.”

ENGLAND: Liz Hurley, 50, has said she would be open to the idea of dating a much younger man.

The actress’s past lovers include film star Hugh Grant, cricketer Shane Warne, and Indian businessman Arun Nayar.

She told The Mail on Sunday’s, You magazine: “Up to about a year ago, I was a serial dater. In fact, since I was 17 I have always been with someone.”

She added: “You can’t date me and expect me to have the same past as a 24-year-old. Most people I meet also have ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, and children. You have to accept that or start dating men in their 20s, which is absurd.”

However, despite first branding the idea absurd, Hurley did not rule out taking a leaf out of Joan Collins’s book.

She said: “Though, I tell you, Joan Collins is married to a fabulous man 32 years younger than her. In which case, I can date an 18-year-old ... – anything goes!”

EGYPT: Eight Egyptians involved in a botched repair of the famous golden burial mask of King Tutankhamun have been referred to trial for “gross negligence”.

Prosecutors said in a statement that the 3,300-year old mask, whose beard was accidentally knocked off and hastily glued on with epoxy in 2014, was scratched and damaged as a result.

The mask was put back on display last month after a German-Egyptian team of specialists removed the epoxy and reattached the beard using beeswax, which is often used as an adhesive for antiquities.

USA: Authorities have found one human skull and eight containers with potentially more at a Los Angeles-area shop that sells spiritual items.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s captain Steve Katz says deputies responded to the Compton business on Friday after a woman complained of animal cruelty.

When investigators arrived, Katz says they found a skull inside a pot. He says the coroner’s office collected the skull and eight other pots that may also contain skulls.

Katz says there is no evidence of a crime and that it appears the skull may have been purchased from a legal source and was being used for a religious ceremony. He says it’s unclear whether animal remains were found.

USA: Vermont state police say a drunken driver drove across a town park and struck a gazebo that was featured in the 1988 Chevy Chase movie Funny Farm.

Police say a 71-year-old Connecticut man was charged with driving under the influence after the crash that occurred on the Townshend town common.

Authorities say David Page’s blood-alcohol content was .181% — more than twice the legal limit for intoxication.


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