Quirky World: China warns on ‘dangerous love’ with foreigners

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China has issued a poster, titled ‘Dangerous Love’, warning young female government workers about dating handsome foreigners who may have secret agendas.

The 16-panel, comic book-like poster tells the story of a young Chinese civil servant, nicknamed Xiao Li, or Little Li, who meets a red-headed foreign man at a dinner party.

The man, David, claims to be a visiting scholar, but is a foreign spy who butters up Xiao Li with compliments, bouquets of roses, fancy dinners, and romantic walks. After Xiao Li provides David with secret, internal documents from her job at a government propaganda office, the two are arrested.

In one of the poster’s final panels, Xiao Li is shown sitting handcuffed before two policemen, who tell her that she has a “shallow understanding of secrecy, for a state employee”.

The poster has appeared on local governments’ public bulletin boards, targeting mainly rank-and-file state employees.

A Beijing district government said that it would display the poster to educate its employees about keeping information confidential.

As part of the campaign, Chinese state media reported that a former computer technician had been sentenced to death for selling 150,000 classified documents to an unidentified foreign spy agency.

State broadcaster CCTV said Huang Yu, who once worked for a Chinese research firm specialising in encryption, received payments for providing the documents, between 2002 and 2011. CCTV did not say when Huang was tried.

He was shown, with head shaved and dressed in prison clothes, discussing his case on television. He urged those aiding foreign nations to turn themselves in.

If it walks like a duck...


A duck that lost its feet to frostbite is waddling again, thanks to a Wisconsin teacher and a 3D printer.

Vicki Rabe-Harrison rescued Phillip the duck and, after watching a video of a 3D printer online, turned to South Park Middle School teacher, Jason Jischke, in Oshkosh, for help.

Ms Rabe-Harrison told WBAY-TV that she was planning to put Phillip down when Mr Jischke called to say he and his class were working on the project. It took them six weeks of trial and error to get the prosthetic feet just right.

Phillip was a bit wobbly when he first tested his new feet, but he has now joined other birds and animals at a sanctuary in Cedarburg, 30km north of Milwaukee.

Gove’s fishy claim


Michael Gove said fishing was “very close to my heart” — but then blundered over the names of two major ports, as he attacked the EU’s common fisheries policy. The UK’s justice secretary said his father’s business as a fish merchant, in Aberdeen, had collapsed partly as a result of the rules set in Brussels.

But he was mocked on Twitter after stumbling over the names of two Scottish ports — referring to Peterborough and Fraserhead, rather than Fraserburgh and Peterhead.

More than he can chew


A binge-eating boxer dog created a Great British bark-off after wolfing down the contents of a baking cupboard.

Ray, a lovable eight-year-old, from Plymouth, Devon, gobbled up a bag of flour, 1kg of sugar — including the bag — and a packet of raisins, which can be deadly to dogs.

Ray was rushed to Plymouth PDSA Pet Hospital by his worried owner, Jasmine Quick.

PDSA vet Erin Beale said: “This was a disastrous cocktail. Thankfully for Ray, he got help straight away, so recovered and was soon back to his boisterous self.”

Hitting the ‘bottle’


Rail commuters suffered delays and cancellations after a train hit a beer barrel on the track in Canterbury at 5.30am. A spokesman said: “We’re pleased to confirm that no beer was unnecessarily harmed.”

Friendless birthday boy


1,000 birthday cards have arrived for Indiana boy Gerald Hamilton who was disappointed when none of the classmates he invited came to his birthday party.

Amelia Lara said several classmates had said they would attend her grandson’s ninth birthday party, on April 2, but that none of them showed up. Ms Lara, of Hobart, said it was “heartbreaking”.

She posted a note on Facebook asking people to send him cards, and he has since received 1,000 cards from around the world, as well as gifts, including tickets to an Indiana Pacers basketball game.

Dog’s life


Dog owners in Madrid have been warned to pick up after their pooches or face working as street cleaners.

Madrid mayor Manuela Carmena is warning dog owners they will face stiff fines, or weekend work as street cleaners, if they are caught by a dog-dirt crackdown. Ms Carmena said police will initially focus on two city districts, where many dog owners do not clean up after their pets. Dog owners could be fined up to €1,500. Ms Carmena will propose to city councillors that offenders clean streets.


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